• Motorola Air Charging will charge 4 smartphones in the air

    At the beginning of the year, Motorola showed a true wireless charging technology. This was very much like the charging technology shown by Xiaomi, where you don’t have to put your device on any kind of charger to charge it. Instead, the device can charge while still in your hand. Now after almost half a year has passed, the company has updated this technology and also changed its name.

    Motorola has renamed the ‘Motorola One Hyper’ wireless charging technology to ‘Motorola Air Charging’. The company gave more information about this technology through its blog post. Motorola’s True Wireless Charging Technology has not only changed its name, but it is now a fully functional prototype.

    Teasers and blog posts presented by the company reveal that Motorola Air Charging technology can charge four devices simultaneously in the air and has a charging range of up to 3 meters. Explaining the technology in detail, the company informed that this technology uses 1600 antenna, which continuously scans the device.

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    The biggest problem with this type of charging technology is the barrier between the main transmitter device and the gadget. For this, the company says that it can also work across paper, leather and other such objects. However, it has also been told that in terms of safety, it stops charging from coming in between humans. For this the company has used ‘Biological Monitoring Technology’.

    The technology is still on the prototype version and the company has not given any information regarding its launch.

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