• The Apple Watch was attached to the bumper of the car and followed, with great planning; $ 500,000 stolen!

    An Apple Watch was fitted under the bumper of the car. Then, they followed the location and found his hotel room and stole money from there. Massive $ 500,000 scam with Apple Watch. The incident that took place in Connecticut last year is now out. This is one of the first cases where an Apple Watch was used to commit a robbery, warning users of their serious heart condition. It is not clear how the incident turned out. According to a New York Post report, the seven-member gang carried out the robbery in January 2020 in Hartford, Connecticut.

    The money stole from a large-scale drug dealer. For this, he fitted an Apple Watch under the bumper of his car. Then, they followed the location and found his hotel room and stole money from there.

    After chasing his car with a tracker on an Apple Watch, one of the thieves smashed the car’s window with a gun but found nothing. The swindlers then entered the hotel room. In January 2020, the only device used to track people is Apple Watch. That is why it is reported that fraudsters have tried this method. Apple Airtags designs specifically monitoring people and were not launched at the time.

    Tracking an Apple Watch is very easy with the Find My app on the iPhone. If the Apple Watch ever goes missing or got stolen, you can use it help to find it again. Before that, there is an activation lock that requires an Apple ID and password.

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    When using the Find My app, the Apple Watch with GPS and cellular can use GPS and WiFi or cellular connection to show its approximate location. Since the Apple Watch Series, 1 does not have GPS, you will need to use the location of the iPhone or its WiFi connection.

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