• The long awaited WhatsApp update has arrived on 4 devices at the same time

    WhatsApp users are getting new updates. At this time, WhatsApp users are getting multi-device updates. That is, WhatsApp can now be used on up to four devices simultaneously. It’s connected to other devices using our WhatsApp QR codes.


    • Here are the new updates for WhatsApp users
    • Updates that can be used on up to 4 devices at the same time
    • Scanned via QR code and used on other devices


    The WhatsApp we used to need to connect to the internet used to need internet. But now we do not need the internet. After connecting, we can turn off the internet in the main WhatsApp and use it on other devices. Let’s see how to scan the QR code.

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    1. First, open the WhatsApp and go to the Settings option in it
    2. Then you will see the options of our WhatsApp QR code on the right side
    3. That is, next to where we see our name
    4. Click on our QR code
    5. When clicking there are two options Getting
    6. The first option is my code and the second option is scan code
    7. In this way, you can use a multi-device system.


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