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    What Is IP Rating ? Today, there are a lot of discussions on IP ratings in smartphones as well as screens, processors and RAM. If some phones are launched with an IP52 rating, then some phones with IP67 talk about the advanced IP68 rating. In such a situation, this question definitely arises in the minds of common users, what are these IP ratings and what is their benefit.

    On the other hand, what is the meaning of different IP ratings. So let us explain to you about these ratings in this informative and interesting blog. Also, We will tell you how beneficial these ratings are. This information will also help you a lot during the purchase of a new phone.

    What Is IP Rating : Everything You Need To Know

    IP Code refers to Ingress Protection Rating while in many places it is also known as International Protection Rating (Ingress Protection Rating or International Protection Rating). This two-letter rating determines your device’s security standard. It is followed by two alphabets followed by two numerical digits that indicate the standard of the security of the device. The IP rating is defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission, the IEC. This rating refers to the protection of the device provided against solid objects (including body parts such as hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and electricity and water.

    This is the matter of IP. Now let me explain the points given next to it. In fact, the IEC defines the rating of claims of dust and water barrier by the device and gives it a score out of 10. That is why you must have seen that after IP, digits like 52, 67 or 68 are used.

    The first digit is also in these. He shows the dust blocking capability of the device. At the same time, which is the second point, explains the water barrier capacity. For example,, if we talk about IP67. Of this, 6 means that only 6 out of 10 points are assigned to a device by the IEC for dust blocking capability. Similarly, second number 7 means that IEC has given 7 points out of 10 for water barrier capability to that device.

    Many times you must have noticed that some devices have X written after the IP and any digits after that. Now, what to understand? Let’s take IPX7 for example. This means that the device is a water blocker but not a dust blocker. Here X means 0 points. Similarly, if a device has got IP6X it means that it is just a dust barrier and not water.

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    The large number of IPs being used here means that the device is more capable. First of all, we know about the Dust or Dust rating. On many phones, you must have seen that it comes with an IP52 rating while many with IP67. Hereafter IP, there is a difference of 5 and 6 in the first digit. IP5 means that the device is capable of handling very limited dust. Too much dust can cause spoilage. Similarly, IP6 means that the device is completely protected from dust. Won’t be bad.

    In this rating, it is also necessary to state that only 6 phones have received a maximum rating for dust in the phones available in India so far. It is a matter of dust now that we come to the second point towards water.

    Difference Between IP67 & IP68 Rating

    Here we take the example of IP52, IP67 and IP68 three. If your phone or device has an IP52 rating, it means that it can only handle splash with a little dust. That too up to 15 degrees. It has a water rating of 2 which is very low. If a little water splash is coming from the front then it will be saved but if the water is directly in the slot from above, then it can get spoiled.

    Likewise, if your phone has an IP67 rating, it means that it is completely protected from dust and can last up to 30 minutes in a meter of water. If you go to high pressure, it can be bad. The rating of water here is 7 which is good.

    When it comes to IP68, then the capacity of dust in it remains the same. That is, it is completely safe from dust, but because of the 8 ratings, the water capacity increases further. A smartphone with an IP68 rating can stay up to 30 minutes in one and a half meters of water. Here the capacity to withstand pressure increases with depth. So now you must have understood that what is the benefit of the IP rating given in a device in the phone

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