• Apple Watch saved a woman’s life, warned against heart attack, got treatment after reaching the hospital on time

    It is often said about Apple that this company never compromises on its quality. From iPhone, iPad and iWatch, all other products are best made by Apple, which is equipped with great features. We are not praising this of Apple on our own accord, but an anecdote has come in front of us in which the example of Apple’s best quality has been presented. It is reported that a woman wearing Apple Watch had suffered a heart attack, giving information about which Apple Watch rushed her to the hospital at the right time and her life was saved.

    This is the whole story

    This story is from Michigan, whose information has been received through foreign media reports. According to the report, a woman named Diane Fenstra was busy with her work wearing an Apple Watch. Suddenly her watch notified that the woman’s heart rate was increasing abnormally. Diane was surprised because she hadn’t done any kind of exercise, just walked 12 steps. The woman’s heartbeat was coming to 169 beats per minute in Apple Watch.

    Surprisingly, when Diane told this to her husband, both of them quickly went to the hospital. When the doctor performed an EKG upon arrival at the hospital, it was discovered that the woman had suffered a heart attack and Diane had no idea that her abnormal heartbeat was due to a heart attack. Diane has thanked Apple Watch and said that if the watch did not warn at the right time, then those people could not reach the hospital on time and the woman could have died. Also read: The world’s smallest 4G SmartPhone has arrived, will be easily clenched, see here the unique glimpse of the phone

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    Apple Watch has already saved a person’s life
    Once in the past, the life of a 28-year-old man in America was saved because of Apple Watch. James Prudenciano Hartshorne was on his way to a higher part of Woods Park when he lost his balance and fell into the river running down the bushes. In this accident, James was badly injured after colliding with the rock present in the river. But as soon as he fell down, the Apple Watch’s “Fall Detection” feature strapped to his wrist was activated.

    Sensing the situation of emergency, the watch dialled 911 i.e. the police number. On getting information about the accident, the police reached the spot and after finding James took him out of there and admitted him to the hospital. After this accident, James said that he had no hope of survival, but due to the special feature of the Apple Watch, he was able to survive.

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