• Finally Reviewed The Empower Network…

    It is ironic that so many people have asked my opinion on The Empower Network and I really had none to give, nor did I bother taking the time to look at it. Sorry!


    Thanks to Scott for leaving a comment with a link, (still had no clue it was The Empower Network) letting me know that looking at this would NOT be a waste of time (and me being half asleep) I looked at it. Where the hell have I been??? See what happens when you don’t take the time to explore new things, you miss out!


    I sat through the entire thirty minutes of this video and loved every minute of it! David Wood is the main creator of The Empower Network along with his co-creator David Sharp, these guys have quite a story. 


    David Wood is on the initial video and one of the most approachable and believable marketers to come around in a while.  I know my own to obtain success, his story is not at all hard for me to swallow….he was merely “relentless!”


    There are so many things that made me sit back and in bask in the glory of this one; for example, he offers no refunds! (yes, I say that with delight) So why would this excite me so much, well as they like to put it; NO WUSSIES ALLOWED, you are either all in or you are all out!


    They hold nothing back and go so far as to show the real numbers of what real people are earning….they wouldn’t put this up if it weren’t true guys, the “legal guru’s” would never allow it!


    VISIT THIS SITE: conflict-news.coms

    empower network review

    Now I really want you to look at these numbers, I mean really look at them. We have greater than 1% making over thirty thousand a month! Another 1+ percent earning 20 to 29,000 every month, and yet another 1+ percent earning 10 to 19,000 every single month!


    This is more than three percent of users earning consistently over ten thousand a month; think you could quit your day job with that?


    Now let’s go through the whole thing so everyone “gets it!” We have another 1% earning 5000.00 to 9,900.00 monthly…..7% making 1 to 5,000, 4% at 500 to 999.00 every month and (I love this part) a whopping 25% are still earning between 100 and 500 a month! (I will elaborate more on that in a minute)


    Finally we have 63% earning under a hundred every month. These are huge numbers and very real!


    Why would I be so excited about 25% earning an extra 100 to 500 a month? Because this gives them hope, and also a profit….when people have “hope” that it is not some pipe dream to make money online they will continue and I assure you move into one of the higher levels.


    IT”S ALL NUMBERS! When you are making more than you are paying, you will continue and it will continue to rise! 


    What about the other 63%? Well this goes back to the “no wussies allowed” part of it. You see I been at this while now and I meet a lot of different people, and many just don’t get it! They always need to be “reassured”, they can’t commit unless there is always a safety net….we are entrepreneurs here; there is no safety net!!!


    It is all about belief in yourself, hard work, and learning from your mistakes. If it was just a matter of paying a few bucks for a program that will make ANYONE rich, we wouldn’t be in a damn recession! 


    It gets frustrating sometimes though because I do want to help everyone, but some people just don’t have what it takes.


    The Empower Network is a fantastic solution for those looking for financial success, but you have to want it more than you want anything else; and you have to follow directions, and yes; you even have to “re-invest” in your business!


    It comes down to this, I actually bought into this one myself; and I haven’t done that in a very long time. 


    Right now it is only 25.00 a month, but David Wood claims this will go up to 97.00 a month soon; and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was true to his word on that. (and I would pay that) So when he talks about “no wussies allowed”, he figures if you are “one of those” who swear they want to earn these kind of numbers WHILE having a safety net….


    The Empower Network isn’t for you and you should both be saved the time and aggravation of “a refund.” If you are dedicated and serious about working from home, then you will buy into it because you really believe it; if it doesn’t work for you (don’t see that happening IF you follow the steps) More than fair in my opinion.


    Remember, the definition of Empower as a verb is; to give the ability to; enable or permit….this is what online success is all about.


    In a sense David Woods is the “mentor” who has achieved what we are all here looking for, he is now going to “Empower” you to do the same. Very appropriate in my opinion




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