• Garena Free Fire Game Addiction Forces Indian Youth To Suicide


    Garena Free Fire Game Addiction : After his father’s scolding in the staff quarter (room) of Naveen Health Center (CHC) Muttaur, his son committed suicide by hanging himself with a sari. When the door did not open, the PRV team broke the door and found his dead body. It is being told that the son was fond of playing Garena Free Fire but he used to play irregular games. On this the father had complained to the school.

    Vinay Kumari wife Parambir Singh Asothhar resident of Ghatampur in Kanpur district is working as ANM in PHC. His younger son, 16-year-old Soumya Pratap Singh, was a high school student in a school located on VIP Road in the city, who often played free fire games on mobile phones.

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    His father scolded him for not paying attention to studies and playing games. Along with this, the son also complained to the teacher in the school. Due to this, Soumya Pratap did not even go to school on Friday. At four o’clock in the evening, Soumya Pratap told elder brother Shaurya Pratap Singh that he was tired, going to rest. After this he went to the room and closed the door from inside and committed suicide by hanging himself.

    Elder brother Shaurya Pratap Singh told that “Soumya often used to play free fire game in mobile. Because of this his father scolded him and after that he did not even go to school on Friday. Brother gave his life in just such a baat. ”

    Dr. Suresh Sachan of the District Hospital said that, “Don’t give mobile phones to children for a long time after studying online. Motivate children to play badminton and cricket. Do not leave them alone with mobile phones and children should not be left alone. Spend time with them and stay with them.”

    About Garena Free Fire Game

    Free Fire is a Survival Shooter or Battle Game. Free Fire Mobile Game came before PUBG Mobile Game. Here Players jump with the help of parachute with a 49 player in Ireland. Players can come to any Ireland of their own free will and can play with weapons of their choice. Player has to stay in Safe Zone and survive till the end. The team that survives till the last wins. That is, the Booyah of that team! becomes | Free Fire has been downloaded 500 million times. While PUBG has been downloaded 100 million times.

    Garena is not the only person who created the free fire game, as it is made by the company named Garena. Forrest Li is fonder of Garena Free Fire Garena Free Fire was launched world wide on December 4, 2017. Forrest Li founded Garena Company in 2009. Forrest Li is a resident of Singapore. Garena Company has made many popular games before making Free Fire Game. Like – FIFA Online 3, Alliance of Valiant Arms, Headshot, Contra: Return, League of Legends etc. Online Multiplayer Battle Royale Game.


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