• Global Mobile Data Speed Index Ranks India At 131

    Global Mobile Data Speed Index : The data found in India is the cheapest compared to the rest of the world. But even after this, India is not moving forward in the global mobile data speed chart. This has been revealed in the latest report. Despite having a large number of the smartphone user base, India has come at number 131 in the mobile data speed list compared to other countries. Actually, this information is revealed in the September 2020 report of the Ookla Speedtest Global Index.

    The average mobile download speed in India is 12.07Mbps as per Ookla report. At the same time, the global average mobile data speed is 35.26. Apart from this, the average mobile upload speed and latency of the country is 4.31Mbps and 52ms respectively. Whereas this speed is 11.22 at global level and latency rate is 42ms. The difference in these numbers can be clearly seen.

    India’s neighbouring countries like Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are also ahead in the Global Mobile Data Speed ​​Chart. These three countries figure 102, 116 and 117 respectively in this list. At the same time, India comes at number 131.

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    Global Mobile Data Speed Index : Broadband Ranking Better

    the situation in India is slightly better here. The average download speed in the country with number 70 is 46.47Mbps. It is worth noting that the Global Speed ​​Index is rolled out every year and India’s ranking remains low every year.

    Recently the latest report was released by industry tracker Open Signal, which had a list of countries that have topped the 5G download speed. However, India was not named in it. But, if you are curious to know which country has won it, then further information has been given.

    According to Open Signal, the average 5G internet speed in Saudi Arabia is 377.2Mbps, allowing full HD movie and heavy data to be downloaded in a few seconds. This is followed by South Korea, where the average 5G internet speed is around 336.1 megabits per second (Mbps). Coming to the second position of South Korea gives users the fastest average internet speed in Saudi Arabia.

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