• Importance of a 360 virtual tour for your business

    360 virtual tour for your business

    Virtual reality has changed the way digital content is produced and distributed. Websites no longer have to settle with images and videos. Now, they can easily incorporate interactive virtual reality content into their websites. Even online entrepreneurs are now including this interactive content into their eCommerce website especially, a 360 virtual tour.

    A virtual tour is one of the most common and easiest to make virtual reality technology at present. That is because of the plenty of made-easy platforms available that will allow you to create a virtual tour. For that reason, a business owner such as yourself may be thinking about integrating a virtual tour for your business. That is a good idea but first, you need to understand what benefits it can draw to your business. That is why in this article, we will cover the importance of a 360 virtual tour for your business.

    #1 – It attracts customers to your online store

    The first and most vital importance of a virtual tour is that it can attract customers to your online store. If you create a virtual tour that has high-quality images, audio, navigation, and descriptions, you can attract a lot of customers to your business. This is especially the scenario if you share the 360 virtual tour on social media platforms. They can explore the virtual tour there and get a link back to your online store.

    For that reason, you should create a virtual tour that will be appealing to your target audience. As mentioned above, you should include some elements like pop-up images, attractive navigation animations, and sounds. This will make the 360 virtual tour enjoyable to explore. As a result, the audience is attracted and will add more visitors to your online store.

    #2 – It makes them familiar with your physical store

    If you have a physical store apart from the eCommerce store, you can use the virtual tour to draw attention to your physical store. One of the reasons why businesses create a virtual tour of their physical store is so that their customers will get familiar with it. A good example of this is a huge hotel. A hotel has many types of suites, amenities, and facilities. A potential guest can get themselves familiar with how to get around the hotel by taking the 360 virtual tour. Thus, they are able to make wiser decisions whether they should book a room in this hotel and prevent themselves from getting lost.

    #3 – It encourages engagement

    Since virtual tours are interactive, it invites your audience to engage with your business. If you post it on social media, users will not only interact with the 360 virtual tour, they will also leave a like, write a comment, and even share it with others. Thus, if you create a virtual tour, you will be drawing lots of engagement to your social media posts and also your website.

    To increase engagement in your 360 virtual tour, you need to make sure that everything is running smoothly. It should not take long to load or the elements are causing the VR tour to have delays. The images should also be well taken and edited so the viewer can see it as a realistic visual experience. All of these should be kept in mind as you create a virtual tour.

    #4 – It makes your website more discoverable

    Another importance of a 360 virtual tour that online businesses like is that it makes their websites discoverable. Aside from social media interaction, search engines also prefer websites with virtual tours. That is because it increases the on-page time of the visitor on that particular website. Thus, it reduces the bounce rate and brings in a lot of engagement. These factors are vital in a website’s SEO. Thus, when you create a virtual tour, ensure that it can make your visitors stay for longer than a minute.

    Furthermore, Google My Business encourages entrepreneurs to put a 360 virtual tour of their business. Thus, those businesses that have a virtual tour are ranked higher among their competitors. Those without a virtual tour tend to get left behind. Thus, if you want to stay on top of the competition and get discovered by potential customers, you need to create a virtual tour.

    Making a 360 virtual tour may not be simple since you will have to take high-quality images, edit them, and include multimedia elements. Since not every entrepreneur can create a virtual tour, it is recommended that one should hire a 360 virtual tour expert. Many companies offer to create virtual tours for their clients. A good example is Digital Solutions. They have worked with several businesses in creating virtual tours. You can reach out to them by visiting their website at digitalsolutions.com.sg.

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