• Latest OPPO Patent Reveals Foldable Smartphone With In-Folding Style Design

    Smartphones are constantly innovating in terms of look, power and feature and smartphone companies are launching more than one product. The foldable smartphone is also a result of these efforts and now China’s popular company Oppo has also started making foldable smartphones and OPPO has also applied for the patent.

    OPPO Patent Reveals Foldable Flip Phone

    At present, some small companies including Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, Microsoft, Royal are spreading their foot in the world of foldable smartphones and major companies like Apple, Xiaomi, Realme and Oppo are away in this race, but LetsGoDigital believes that Oppo has Work has started on the foldable smartphone and its look has also got a glimpse.

    Talking about the look of Oppo foldable smartphone, it is quite different from the foldable smartphone of other companies. While smartphones from other companies, including Samsung, Huawei, LG, have to fold the book from both sides, Oppo’s foldable phone will have to be folded by pressing it up and down, thereby avoiding the possibility of screen breakdown.

    Actually, with all the foldable smartphones launched, the biggest problem with them is that there is a possibility of their screen breaking while folding. We have an example of Samsung foldable phone in front of us, when there were problems with that phone in the beginning.

    The screen will be attached on the hinge

    Oppo has also given a hinge option in its foldable phone on the lines of Microsoft Surface Duo, with the help of which the screen folds easily. The width of the hinge is more than the smartphone so that the screen connects easily and then there is no problem with the phone. The hinge of the Oppo foldable smartphone is similar to that of HTC’s foldable smartphone.

    However, the difference is that Oppo’s foldable smartphone folds up and down. It is believed that Oppo’s first foldable smartphone may come in the market by next year. However, in the coming time, it will be known that there is some kind of hindrance in the development of Oppo foldable phones or everything gets done easily.

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