• Microsoft Announces Dynamics 365 Project Operations in India

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 India


    Microsoft Dynamics 365 India : Microsoft has announced general availability of its Dynamics 365 Project Operations solution in India. It has been developed to help service-based businesses integrate operational workflows to provide visibility, collaboration and insights to advance the success of teams from prospects to payments and profits.

    It is an all-in-one application that combines real-time analytics to empower and engage leadership, sales, resources, project management and accounting teams with the vision needed to deliver timely and budgeted services to customers. Uses power.

    Service organizations often face challenges arising from heterogeneous systems and data silos, affecting their success. These issues lead to inadequacies in customer expansion, collaboration among project managers, visibility and mobility of team members, workforce optimization, agility among business leaders, and timely billing.

    Managing projects through different systems reduces visibility and transparency, increases manual processes, reduces accuracy, slows down events, increases costs, and even leads to higher rates of attrition is. Therefore, service-based businesses are increasingly adopting cloud to benefit from the systematic, productivity, and efficiency that come with cloud-based software and enterprise business solutions.

    Mr. Rajiv Sodhi, COO of Microsoft India stated, “In today’s evolving business scenario, service organizations are looking for flexible and scalable ways to meet their functional requirements. Through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations we are committed to helping service-based businesses succeed in a highly competitive market.

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    Microsoft Dynamics 365 India : In Detail ……

    This solution will help organizations achieve new deals throughout their lifetime, monitor and manage projects, maintain productivity, and increase profit margins. We believe that Microsoft Dynamics 365 project operations will actually enable businesses to re-imagine project management by bringing cross-functional teams together to provide a variety of customer experiences.”

    Dynamics 365 Project Operations, built on the Microsoft Power Platform, brings together capabilities from Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation, Dynamics 365 Finance and Microsoft Project. It integrates with a company’s existing enterprise systems, helping to drive business growth in its sales and distribution processes without changing existing systems.

    Businesses can also easily scale up project operations using the Microsoft Power Platform and other Dynamics 365 applications such as Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Human Resources, and Dynamics 365 365 Customer Service.

    It can easily adapt to the changing market conditions by connecting to other Microsoft apps and services including Dynamics 365, Microsoft Team, SharePoint, and Microsoft 365.

    This solution provides customized capabilities for various tasks:

    Leaders get better access to business insights, data, and AI capabilities for faster decision making and increased visibility. The Power BI tool helps CX, O understand the upcoming business need.

    Able to enable sales to do more deals and speed up the sales cycle, with accurate quotes, flexible pricing and seamless change from estimate to execution. They can also use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to improve the customer experience.

    Project managers can accelerate project delivery with inbuilt Microsoft project capabilities. They can track their project efficiently and collaborate throughout the project lifecycle using a single management dashboard.

    Resourcing and HR can optimize workforce utilization. By deploying the right people in the right projects with the right skills, they help improve quality and retain good people. Managers can also estimate redevelopment needs over time.

    Finance managers can improve cashflow by ensuring accurate invoicing and payment management from customers, and ensure compliance with published standards and systems. They can also monitor project expenses and payments with invoicing and purchase order management. Dynamics 365 Finance helps them to take care of key business parameters i.e. revenue, gross margin, and project profitability.

    Team members can increase productivity, compliance, and submit, approve, process, and reconcile time and expense from anywhere. They can use Microsoft teams as a secure hub for all documents, calls, meetings and more.

    Microsoft has deep understanding and expertise in front office, back office, collaboration, productivity and project management and the company has a rich history in this matter. Microsoft Dynamics 365 project operations are designed to enhance the company’s expertise and existing applications across all functional pillars of service-based businesses.

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