• Not Able To Send SMS To Anyone ? Try Out This Trick

    Not Able To Send SMS Solution : There was a time when packs were made to be sent separately to SMS from the phone. People were very careful not to let a single message go wrong and for this, they used to chat the message according to the word limit. Then, when smartphones came and WhatsApp came, the era of SMS was over. But despite all the chatting options, SMS still plays an equally important role. If you want OTP for any app, then SMS service must be active for that.

    Many such instances arise when SMS sending from the phone stops. The message is sent by writing to the correct number but it is not sent. The problem is exacerbated when we need OTP i.e. One Time Password for an app, but due to the shutdown of the SMS service, the verification is not complete. There is also a problem to get the number ported. Calls are made to customer care in situations where call waiting has to be prolonged or telecom operators have to take care.

    Not Able To Send SMS Solution : Step By Step

    But you will be surprised to know that you can solve this annoying and fretting problem in a pinch by yourself without anyone’s help. The main reason for not sending SMS from the phone can be SMSC ie Short Message Service Center Number. Many times the phone remains inaccurate or old SMSC and the message service is stopped due to its not being updated. To know the same SMSC, one has to waste time in customer care.

    What is SMSC ?

    First of all, let us tell you that the SMSC has a full form- Shot Message Service Centre and it is a part of the wireless network that works connected to SMS. From sending SMS to receiving, and forwarding and routing tasks are done through the SMSC Gateway. The entire work of sending a message from one point to another is done through SMSC. Every telecom company and every circle has different SMSCs. And if this number is not correct, then understand the SMS service in the phone completely stopped.

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    • Do it right by yourself

    • Call the code * # * # 4636 # * # * by going to the phone’s dialpad.

    • The testing phase will open as soon as this USSD call is made.

    • Here, tap on the top phone information. If there is a dual SIM phone, tap the option of the SIM whose SMS service is turned off.

    • If you scroll down, the SMSC options will be seen at the bottom.

    • There will be two options of Update and Refresh on the side of the SMSC.

    • Here first press Refresh after which the SMSC code will appear.

    • After the SMSC number appears, tap on Update.

    The SMS service will start again as soon as the new SMSC number is updated. Yes, once you restart the phone, it is even better, the phone will also be refreshed.

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