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    Prepaid To Postpaid SIM

    Prepaid To Postpaid SIM : Switching your SIM from postpaid to prepaid or prepaid to postpaid was a big task, but now it has become very easy. According to a new announcement by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), customers can soon switch from post-paid connections to prepaid connections using OTP-based authentication.

    In the regular process, you had to go to your nearest service store and apply for a new SIM, but now it is just an OTP-based authentication work, ie the government has made it a very easy process. Here, let us tell you that in this process you do not even need to change the SIM.

    Prepaid To Postpaid SIM : What is the statement of DOT ?

    DoT ADG Suresh Kumar said in a statement, “PoC to move from prepaid to postpaid, or from postpaid to prepaid SIM connection and vice versa can be done as per procedure by telecom service providers … Regarding the implementation of the process The decision will be taken after evaluation of the result of PoC.

    The Cellular Operators Association of India, which has many other members including Reliance Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, had requested DoT to allow users to post-paid prepaid and without adhering to the KYC process and using OTP-based authentication. Allow migrating from prepaid to postpaid.

    Is a new SIM needed? If the offer is accepted, it will save a lot of time for users who are planning to switch from prepaid to postpaid and vice versa. Now in such a situation, the question was raised that if the number remains the same, the contacts remain the same, then what is the need of a new SIM?

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    No need to go out of the house. The current rule requires users to produce identity cards and other documents to obtain a new SIM. Furthermore, during COVID time, OTP-based authentication would prove to be really useful as it would eliminate the need to move out of the house.

    The note also reveals that “OTP-based authentication has become an accepted norm in all fields in recent times and most citizen-centric services are being offered with OTP authentication. In the current era, contactless services are being offered to customers.” To be promoted for convenience and also for ease of doing.

    If COAI is approved, it will allow users to change their SIM from prepaid to postpaid and prepaid to postpaid in less than 10 minutes.

    What do you have to do to go from prepaid to postpaid and vice-versa ?

    First of all, if you want to go from postpaid to prepaid, then your number must be running for about 90 days, that is, it must be 90 days or 3 months old. Request also has to be entered. After doing this, the users are going to get a message on their phone, which you will get with one of your transaction IDs and an OTP. The duration of this OTP means it is going to be valid for only 10 minutes.

    After entering the OTP, you are going to get a confirmation message, after which you will also get a date for the process to be completed. However, let us know that apart from OTP, you can also get the facility to complete the process with IVRS. According to DoT, this process is going to be completed in half an hour.

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