• Poco X3 Pro Badly explodes, see shocking condition of smartphone


    Today, the more useful the phone is, the more dangerous it is now. We keep getting news of phone blasts every day. At the same time, today the information of Poco phone blast has come. A Twitter user Aman Bhardwaj has posted a post from his Twitter account today, in which information has been given about the Poco X3 Pro phone blast.

    In his tweet, he has told that he had taken this phone only 2 months ago and today it exploded during charging. Along with this, he has also informed the company in the tweet that my phone should be replaced, otherwise I will file a complaint against the company. He has also put a photograph of the blasted phone in this tweet, which can be guessed by seeing how dangerous this accident was.

    After getting information about the accident, we contacted him in which he gave complete information in detail. He told us that “I live in Himachal Pradesh and I bought Poco X3 Pro mobile two months from Dhiman Electronics Works & Mobiles in Jawali, Kangra.

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    The phone was put on charge and when it got 100 charges, I took it out and went to the bathroom which would have taken about 5-7 minutes. When I came to see that, the phone had caught fire and the blanket of my bed was burnt. I hurriedly threw him down from the bed and poured water to douse the fire.”

    Explaining further, Aman said, “I have submitted the phone to the service center and I have also got the complaint number. We haven’t got any assurance from the service center yet whether the phone will be replaced or not. However, all the details have been sought from me and which I have provided promptly.”

    Although no statement has come from the company in this regard so far, but it is expected that the company will take quick action on this and solve the problem of the users soon. But seeing the way Poco X3 Pro has exploded, once in the hearts of the users, fear definitely settles.

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