• Portronics Launches Auto 14 Bluetooth Receiver & Transmitter Adapter, Know Details


    Portronics, a veteran of the digital and portable consumer electronics market, has launched the Auto 14 – Bluetooth receiver and transmitter adapter. With the help of this adapter, you will be able to easily broadcast audio input from any TV, CD player and even old PC, wireless headphone, speakers and car stereo system. Through this device, you can also use your old, merengue non-Bluetooth devices.

    The device is a combination of wireless transmitter and receiver, allowing you to easily stream your content to a non-Bluetooth device. The transmitting mode streams audio from your non-Bluetooth devices to Bluetooth headphones and speakers.

    The same receiving mode streams audio from your phone or favourite media player to your wired-speaker, headphone, car stereo system, home theatre.

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    In addition to creating a seamless wireless setup, Auto 14 claims that this wireless adapter provides great audio connectivity and HD quality with improved and stable connections. Power consumption is reduced by Bluetooth 4.2 technology, devices pair quickly and are also very easy to use. You can use it as a hands-free kit and carry it easily with you anywhere.

    Apart from this, this device gives you a playtime of up to 10 hours, along with its superb rechargeable battery of 450mAh, you can charge with 2 hours of rapid charging. Consumers can easily switch from connection mode to another mode whenever they want.

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