• PUBG Banned In India Or Not ? How To Uninstall PUBG

    PUBG Banned In India : It has been more than a week since PUBG Mobile was banned in India, with this online mobile game, other 117 Chinese apps were also banned in India. Although after this information about many alternatives has also been revealed, but do you know that PUBG Mobile is still working in India. This has been banned for a long time, which means that this game i.e. PUBG Mobile Online Game should be finished by Google Play Store and Apple App Store, even though it has not been completely closed yet. Gone, PUBG Mobile is still working in India.

    Players who have this app in their phones can still play the match. However, apart from this, those who have downloaded this online game from the official website can also taste the new PUBG Mobile 1.0 update. That is, its new update can also be enjoyed, it can be said that till now, even after a long time, online mobile game PUBG Mobile is active in India.

    However, it seems that a lot of work is also being done by the company to withdraw the PUBG Mobile Ban in India. Let us tell you that on September 2, another 117 Chinese apps with PUBG Mobile were banned in India. After this, it is also revealed that on behalf of PUBG Corporation, the franchise partner of Tencent Game has been dropped in India. After this it is also revealed that this game is going to be handled directly by PUBG Corporation, it is a South Korea company.

    PUBG Banned In India – Why is PUBG Mobile Still Working ?

    This is a question that is bothering everyone’s mind, at least anyone who is enjoying getting a chicken dinner at the game will certainly agree that the current arrangement is sufficiently cordial. But in all likelihood, it is only temporary. It seems that game servers for India are still active and anyone with installed games can still join. However, this may soon change with the government ordering the ISP to restrict access to the server, so if you like the game is still running.

    How to uninstall PUBG Mobile on Android?

    • Open Settings on Android Smartphone
    • Go to applications
    • Find PUBG Mobile App here and click on it
    • Tap the Uninstall icon to remove it from the device
    • How to uninstall PUBG Mobile on iPhone or iPad?
    • To delete an app on an iOS device, tap KR to hold the app, and then click this icon when the cross icon appears.
    • In this way the PUBG mobile app will be deleted from your iPhone or iPad.

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