• PUBG Mobile Returns To India With New Name

    PUBG ie PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is the name of the most famous mobile game in the history of India. The craze of Pabji was raised by the heads of people of all ages. Millions of PUBG players were disappointed when the Indian government announced a ban on this mobile game. But now this disappointment is going to end soon. Amidst speculation, today an official announcement has been made by PUBG Mobile that the company is going to re-launch PUBG in India. This time the game has been specially designed for Indian fans who are going to re-enter India with the name PUBG MOBILE INDIA.

    PUBG Corporation and South Korean tech company KRAFTON, Inc. announcing PUBG MOBILE INDIA. Has stated that the company is going to start a new pubi mobile game in India. Announcing the new version, the company has said that this mobile game will be made specifically for Indian users. Although no specific date has been given by the company, but with the announcement of ‘PUBG MOBILE INDIA’, the company has also revealed its investment and planning.

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    Giving information about the launch of PUBG Mobile India, the company has stated that the company of Crofton and PUBG Corporation is going to invest US $ 100 million in India for its new mobile game version. Through this investment, the company will expand into the business of local video gaming as well as IT industry and entertainment. At the same time, along with PUBG MOBILE INDIA, the privacy and security of the users have also been considered by the company as its primary priority.

    PUBG MOBILE INDIA partnership with telecom company

    In recent times various reports have surfaced that PUBG may partner with telecom companies to come back to India. The names of Airtel and Reliance Jio were also highlighted in these companies. Although these names of telecom companies are being considered as just gossip, if PUBG MOBILE INDIA deals with Airtel or Jio, then these companies will get the rights to distribute PubG Mobile.

    A few days ago a job has also been posted on LinkedIn by PUBG Corporation, the developer and publisher of PUBG. This post was published for the vacancy of ‘Corporate Development Division Manager’. After this post came up, the discussion was raised that Pabji is preparing for its new start in India and new management and team is being formed for this.

    At the same time, after the official announcement of PUBG MOBILE INDIA by the company today, the return of PUBG Mobile has also been decided and millions of PUBG Fans of the country have again started a wave of happiness.

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