• Swallowing these ‘PillCams’ is enough to detect cancer early

    There are many types of cameras available in the market today and the camera system is being put in using good use in many areas and utilizing the implications of the camera, especially in healthcare. A variety of difficult sciences have become impossible today without a camera. Both Robotic and laparoscopic surgeries are just one example. Scientists in the UK are now experimenting with a different approach to health.

    Colorectal cancer is one of the most serious and complex cancers of the stomach. The increasing number of people suffering from colorectal cancer due to lifestyle changes rather than genetic factors is also a major concern in the health sector. To counteract this, there are a group of 11,000 National Health Service patients rallied in receiving a special capsule and a small camera is housed inside this special capsule. It is designed to diagnose various types of cancer.

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    It is estimated that 42,000 people in the UK report colorectal cancer each year, a ratio of more than 100 per day, “said Peter Johnson, NHS Cancer Clinical Director.

    “Pilcams are less difficult to swallow than traditional endoscopy. Endoscopy involves inserting a long flexible tube into the patient’s throat and esophagus. However, this new capsule method is perfectly safe.

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