• Swiggy can soon drone deliver your food packages


    Both Swiggy’s food and medical packages are started with drone delivery technology. Swiggy very soon might start delivering food by drone. However, there are trials that have started for both its food and medical packages. There is final approval from the Ministry of Defense (MoD), Directorate General of Aviation (DGCA) and Ministry of Civil Aviation (MOCA) started with drone trials to deliver food for Swiggy’s drone delivery partner, ANRA Technologies. ANRA Technologies did receive approval for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations. With a long plan induced, the air traffic control integration and equipment preparation, ANRA launched its maiden flight on 16 June. However, during the upcoming several weeks, the ANRA team would like to test the distribution of BVLOS food and medical packages in Etah and Rupnagar districts which is present in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab respectively.

    Thus with this coming apart from partnering with Swiggy for food delivery, there is an integrated airspace management firm engages in another similar project. For that, it has partnered with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Ropar and will get focused on medical delivery.

    Swiggy’s Principal Program Manager Shilpa Dnyaneshwar conveyed that with this project the company aims to “make the best use of the drone technology with long-range efficiency”. Dnyaneshwar further added, “It is only natural to explore the latest methods available making the last mile journey smoother and faster and to bring maximum benefits to our consumers.”

    Amit Ganju, founder and CEO of ANRA, told the motivating factor for him and his team comes from knowledge of the fact that “our technology soon delivers food and medical packages to people who is preset in the sparsely populated areas.”

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    In a test flight video, the ANRA team does show how the delivery likely taking place. The nearly 3-minute video shows how a drone picks up a small food package and flies a certain distance before returning to the ground and delivering the package.

    Before few weeks, as you know, there was a delivery start-up backed up by Google known as Dunzo that announced ready for drone delivery of medicines which is under the ‘Medicine from the Sky’ project that was launched by the Telangana government along with the collaboration of the World Economic Forum. The project however aims to enable emergency medical delivery which might include vaccines for COVID-19 and other essentials.

    Dunzo among the entities is were recently given permission by the central government to conduct experimental flights beyond line of sight (BVLOS) using drones.

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