• The company owner disappears along with a Bitcoin which is worth Rs. 26,700 crore, know the whole matter

    Zakira Laher, a cousin of two brothers who ran the firm and a fellow director former at Africrypt, battling with a flood of phone calls from the media and the police to investors.

    Africrypt, one among the company with a cryptocurrency investment firm in South Africa, goes under global scrutiny as bitcoin which is worth $3.6 billion which is about Rs 26,700 crore and disappears from the company. The shocking moment now reveals that the two brothers who run the firm – CEO Raees Cajee and COO Ameer Cajee – is not known. It all started around two months ago when these two brothers claimed that the firm hacked, which forces them to shut down operations.

    The brothers also forbade the cryptocurrency investors wherein which from reporting the matter to the police, who says that if anyone did, the company’s wallet put around 3.6 billion worth of digital currency which is at risk. The company’s website is also not operational around that time

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    According to a report in Bloomberg, there are calls that come from both the brothers are forwarded on voicemail. Also, a group of about 20 people hired a law firm and courts in South Africa which do have ordered the temporary liquidation of that company. The company started two years back and initially gave huge returns to the investors.

    As the Register reports, there whereabouts of 21-year-old Raees and 17-year-old Amir is not known, but they do have until July to appeal against the order. However, there are Investors who lasted and approached on April 13 on behalf of both the brothers. They also said they don’t know whether customer information was compromised in the “attack.” However, they did make a promise that they would notify all investors if they were able to recover “stolen funds or compromised information”.

    Meanwhile, Zakira Laher, their cousin and a former fellow director at Africrypt, deals faces a flurry of phone calls from the media and the police to investors. As per the Business Insider, he says he really not know where the two brothers are and also they fear for their family’s safety.

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