• Twitter Launches Topic Feature In India, Know How To Use It

    Twitter Topics Feature India

    Twitter has launched Topics in India, a feature the company introduced in November last year. Twitter users can choose the topic of their choice and see more content related to this topic.

    Twitter Topics in India are available in English and Hindi. Topic in Hindi will be shown in Devanagari and Hindi speech will be typed in Roman alphabet. If the language of the device is set to Hindi then the topics will also be visible only in Hindi. Twitter has highlighted some Hindi topics including Agra, Patna, and Pune, or animals, horoscopes, poetry, techniques and sports, etc.

    Tur said, Topics are designed for Indian users according to their interest. Users can view different topics and Twitter will also show the timeline and search bar.

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    How to follow any Topic on Twitter ?

    • Open the Twitter app and click on the menu button.
    • Select the topic from the list.
    • You will see the topic (s) sagged.
    • Go to the bottom and choose More Topics.
    • See the list of topics or search the topic of your interest here.

    Topic is placed in large subjects but there are also many subtopics. The topics you will be following will appear in the following list. You can unfollow these topics whenever you want. Also, a note Interstabed tab is also given in which you can place the topics that you do not want to see on your timeline.

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