• What Are VPNs ? Indian Government Seeks To Ban It Soon


    What Are VPNs : VPN service may be closed across the country. For this, contact has been made by the Ministry of Home Affairs with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and the concerned ministry has been directed to identify and block dangerous VPNs, so that the Internet service provider can be helped. However, many challenges will also have to be faced from the VPN ban. This can badly affect the business.

    What are VPNs

    VPNs are known as Virtual Private Networks. Big companies use VPNs to keep their data secure and use data privately. VPNs provide a secure working environment for any company in digital mode. VPNs have helped in working safely in the era of work from home.

    Encrypted date is used in VPN service. So that no one can track your IP address. That is to say, by using a VPN, you can hide your online activity. You can hide the VPN service even when using public Wi-Fi.


    According to a Forbes report, 30 percent of people use the Internet at least once a month through VPNs service. This tool proves to be very useful for the corporate world, which helps them to keep data and service secure. The biggest advantage of this would be that you can use the Internet in a safe way in public places like restaurants, cafes. VPN was used the most in India to play the mobile game PUBG.

    Actually, there are allegations that by hiding their online identity through VPN, they are carrying out activities like criminal fraud. In such a situation, emphasis was put on developing a mechanism to ban VPN in India from the committee, so that dangerous VPNs can be banned. According to the committee, VPN service and dark web bypass cyber security, which is facing many challenges regarding security.

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    What will be the effect of the ban

    On behalf of the company, the facility of work from home is being provided to the users. Users can work from any location. During this their data and network remains encrypted. But after the VPNs ban, there will be a problem in working remotely. Also, experts believe that this will bring to the fore such concerns regarding privacy.

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