• What Will Be Launched In Apple Special Event On November 10 ?

    Apple has sent an invite to the media regarding “One More Thing” – this invoice has been sent for an Apple event, it is believed that the event is pointing to Apple’s own silicon. The online program can be viewed on November 10 at 10 am, or 11.30 am IST Indian time. This is Apple’s third Apple event in a few months; In the September event, we saw the updated iPad and Watch lineup launching, followed by the recent iPhone launch event in October.

    Apple’s Silicon announcement was expected at both of these events, but it appears that the company has decided to announce its own events over the years – complete with the famous “One More Thing” tagline in the past Apple has been used to cap events.

    At Apple’s WWDC event in June this year, the company announced the conversion of the entire Mac lineup to its in-house processor, as has been heavily rumored for the past several years. This move does not mean that Intel-based Macs are already outdated; Apple says the new models are currently under development and will ship with A-series Macs for the time being. Existing Macs will also be supported with new macOS releases for many years to come.

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    It looks like it’s going to be announced now, and a few weeks ago, tipster John Prosser actually leaked details of the incident – the processor tweeted that Apple would hold an event on November 10, and the new hardware 17 Will launch on November. Given that the event has now been confirmed on 10 November, the 17 November launch looks promising.

    Speaking at WWDC, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the move was “a big leap for the Mac”, which would achieve a more powerful and energy-efficient system that operates more like Apple’s mobile devices. The new “Apple Silicon” initiative ends a long partnership with chipmaker Intel and enables computers to run the same apps on iPhones.

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