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    Spying App for Android Review: Children are obsessed with electronic devices like mobile phones. They use social media like Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks. Parents are worried and want to aware of all activities in social media of their children. It can monitor electronic devices like cellphone and tablets. The basic reason behind monitoring all activities of children is to protect them, from any harmful effects like cyber bullying, trolling, and sexting. Today’s generation is smarter than their parents in terms of technology knowledge. Parents use it to protect their children from any online harassment. And also use to keep an eye on employees and their all activities at working place.

    What is an Android spy application?

    Best spying app for android Review - TheOneSpy

    The Android spy software monitors digital devices secretly. The user checks online activities of the targeted devices. The monitoring application is providing hidden access. Spying app for android is the strongest application to keep an eye on employees and children. Android application having amazing features to spy on any android device. The android spying software is beneficial to monitor all activities of children and employees. The spying tools collect store and analyze the necessary data of the target device.

    Why to use android spy app

    The usage of digital gadgets has a necessary part of everyone’s life. Nobody can imagine their life without smartphones, tablets, and etc. children’s excessive use of all new technologies and leaves a lot of negative effects and online harassment. And employer wants to check all activities of their employees at working place within the smart gadgets. Regarding improving and enhance the security of the children and employees there is a core need to spy on all activities of them.

    Parental control

    The excessive use of digital devices increases the worries of parents. Children spend a lot of time with smart digital devices and the internet. It destroys kids when they go out of the restriction. Parents want to prevent their kids from online threats. The effective way to check all online activities of children secretly and protect them from any negative impact of technology.

    Employee surveillance

    All important data of any organization or company are leaked by their employees. To legally monitor all activities of an employee is just to protect the confidential data. Companies are concern about sophisticated data breaches. An employer wants to check the performance of employees and their productivity. They want to stop the time-wasting habit, threats, data spoil, and activities of staff for business security. With the company-owned digital devices like smartphones, tablets, and computer devices.

    How android software is best to spy

    To getting access to someone’s digital devices for legal reasons. To know about all activities of children and employees and protect if anything happens unusual. The android spying software is used for android, cellphones, and tablets to monitor all activities of a targeted device.

    TheOneSpy android spy software

    TheOneSpy mobile tracker is a strong hidden tracking tool to monitor all activities of employees and children. TheOneSpy is a spy application to keep an eye on digital devices.  It’s a powerful tool with its flexible features to monitor all online activities of the targeted device.

    Features of android spy application


    This application access social media apps of the targeted device includes Skype, Whatsapp, Line, Snapchat, Messenger, etc.

    Call recording

    Android spy Software records all calls of targeted smartphones with different social media apps.

    Record phone screen

    This application record the phone screen, screenshots, and also visible to make the screen video.

    Listen/ record calls

    TheOneSpy android spy software gets access and listen to the live calls or record the calls without taking the phone into your custody.

    Track the SMS

    The spying app can easily track the incoming and outgoing SMS of the targeted phone.

    Track GPS location

    The theOneSpy android spy application can track the GPS location of a targeted device.

    Record and Listen to surrounding sound

    With the android spying app, users can easily record the surrounding sound of the targeted device and record the sounds around them.

    Access browsing detail

    Users can get all the browsing history of the targeted cellphone.

    Controlled installed apps

    The spying software user can easily monitor all installed apps in the targeted cellphone.

    Lock and unlock the device

    With spying software, users can lock and unlock the targeted device without taking it.


    All concern of parents and employers is minimizing through the use of the one spy android spy software with its flexible feature. It helps to monitor all activities of the targeted device.


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