• How To Edit Pictures On Google Photos App ?

    Along with introducing Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G, Google introduced editing features on Google Photos. Improvements in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and user interfaces allow users to use Light and Portrait modes. Users will get granular manual control. We are telling you where you can find these features in Google Photos app and how you can make your photos even better by using them.

    Editing photos has become even easier after the update on the Google Photos app. You have to tap on the photo you want to edit and you will get many manual editing modes like Brightness, Contras, Saturation, Tint and Warmth options.

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    How To Edit Photo On Google Photos ?

    • Open the Google Photos app.
    • Tap on any photo.
    • Tap on the editing tool icon on the screen. (It is like three lines which are one above the other)
    • Scroll to the side for options such as crop, adjust and filters.
    • Tap on editing mode like adjust.
    • Here you will get control options like Brightness, Contras, White Point, Highlight, Shadow, Black
    • Point, Saturation, Warmth, Tint, Skin Tone, Blue Tone, Pop and Vignette etc.
    • For example, tap on Brightness mode.
    • Tap and adjust the slider as per your choice.
    • Select the other mode O, adjust it, repeat the process and then tap on the save option.

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