• Starting a new era of success with Headless WordPress

    The websites can easily get developed using a simple CMS like WordPress. It was effortless in the beginning, but more requirements and added plugins made it more complex. Are you fed up with the slow speed of uploading a page? Headless WordPress is there to help you out.! Headless WordPress speeds up your slow site because it simplifies data at the customer’s edge. First, we need to understand what Headless is?


    Starting a new era of success with Headless WordPress

    The Modern Website Development

    In the CMS or website, there are two ends- the website visitor’s perspective is called the front end, and the admin or development side is the back end. The backend helps runs the content of the website. Headless WordPress Themes separates these two ends of the website-front end or head of a website from the backend which allows the data layer and presentation model to separate from each other. It separates/decouples the front end or head of the website from the back end.


    It allows us to decouple the database and presentation layers. You can move your content from easily e.g on your social media or business website etc. You can manage the front-end and back-end side by side and can smoothly move your content from one place to another easily e.g., on social media sites or business websites, etc.


    WordPress as preferred CMS

    While using headless WordPress, you do not need to worry about the source to display your content. The only goal of headless WordPress is to manage and deliver content. This is one of the most popular CMS because of its two most striking qualities i.e., easy usage and pliability. It connects the WordPress backend to the non-word press application and shares content with it. You just have to install headless WordPress like the other CMS.

    After that, you will manage your dashboard in the same way by creating lightweight pages or other content. One thing that makes it different is that while using Headless WordPress the material you will create will be used in a mobile app, java scripts libraries or static websites, etc. and there is no need to worry about the front end.


    Modern Website with headless WordPress

    The setting up procedure is simple, you just have to follow the below steps.

    1. Install the WordPress installation file and set it up.
    2. You can use the Amazon server.
    3. There is no need for themes and you can use a blank theme if you want.
    4. Allow Rest API access in case you are using security plugins
    5. But if you are using advanced custom fields, use the act to rest API plugin.
    6. That’s all for WordPress.



    The world web will be ever-increasing and growing, the platforms will be upgrading themselves with modern trends and technologies. Headless separates content with a design that’s very simple to revamp. you’ll easily shuffle dynamic content without developing another found out of WordPress to make a replacement design. JAMstack technology is the new trend of building websites and applications that have improvised the way you look at the structure of web applications.



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