• 5 Best Free Email Providers

    In today’s world, email is the most essential source of communication whether for personal or business use. People share information and ideas via emails placing it at the professional front.

    There are several types and providers of email services. Some are free of cost and some charge monthly based upon the features you unlock with the subscription. Today we will be talking about five best free email service providers and also provide you tips on how to choose the best email provider.

    So, let us begin with the article without any further ado.

    Types of email services:

    There are mainly two types of email service providers- webmail and email client. Webmail is a web application used for accessing mails through a web browser while an email client is a desktop application that allows you to configure multiple email accounts at the same time.

    Webmail is a form of email you access exclusively from the internet and therefore exists primarily on the cloud rather than your computer. Instead of an installed application fetching your email like an email client, you manage your inbox right from your internet browser. We will talk about both of them in this article but they are all free.


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    5 best and free ESP:

    ESP (email service provider) offers services to receive and send emails.

    1. Gmail

    The most used and most compatible email service. This free mail service is managed by Google and allows you to send and receive emails via web browser on desktop. You can access Gmail using third-party programs that synchronize email details through POP or IMAP.

    You can view attachments, snooze messages, archive emails and open attachments without even opening the email conversation. Unlike other email accounts, Gmail account can be used to access and manage other G-suite apps. The left-hand sidebar allows you to connect to people using Google Hangouts. It automatically blocks phishing emails.

    Gmail offers you a generous 15 GB of free email storage with advance features to make your inbox less chaotic. It allows you to share up to 25 MB through emails and files greater than 25 MB can be shared by attaching them through Google Drive.

    1. Outlook

    Outlook is a free email client managed by Microsoft. It is available as a webmail service- Outlook.com and has a desktop application that is already integrated with Office Suite. It used to be called Hotmail.com earlier before the rename Outlook.

    This is probably the best choice for people who use multiple platforms to connect with people. Outlook integrates with a number of communication apps like Facebook, Skype, PayPal, PowerPoint, and also Trello that makes it easier to work with non-Outlook users without ever leaving your inbox.

    Outlook has a built-in calendar that enables you to schedule and manage meetings or events. It offers enterprise-grade security and an easy way to find people, messages, and documents in email.

    Outlook provides you 15 GB of free email storage along with a clear interface.

    1. Proton Mail

    Proton Mail is an open-source webmail service found in Geneva in 2013. It is better optimized to help you read, organize and send emails. This mail service can be used by small and large enterprises.

    The catchiest feature of Proton Mail is its encrypted messages. It provides end-to-end encryption thus, making your conversations more secure. It uses client-side encryption to protect email content and user data before they are sent to Proton Mail servers, unlike other common email providers. Mobile applications for iOS and Android devices is also available. Its inbox interface is easy to understand at a glance and offers quick color-coded labels to help you further organize which emails deserve the most care and protection.

    The disadvantage of this email service is that it only gives you 500 MB of free storage with an unpaid account.

    1. Zoho Mail

    Zoho Mail is an India-based webmail service that is best suited for small home-based businesses.

    Zoho is a user-friendly email provider that integrates with Google Drive and other cloud-based file managers and provides you a built-in task manager to accomplish all of your daily tasks in a simple way. It is fast and provides protection against fake emails. It allows you to add comments in email threads, share files, manage tasks, and tag your organization’s team. It has a control panel from where the admin can change settings and make customization. It also allows you to easily migrate from G Suite or Office to Zoho Mail. But it does not allow you to import contacts from any social media platform.

    This secure, clean, and ads-free email service provider 5 GB of free storage space.

    1. AOL Mail

    AOL Mail is a webmail service provider which is now owned by Verizon Communications. It was released in 1993 and is a completely free ESP. It has a simple account interface and mobile application for accessing inboxes without any interruption.

    AOL gives you a customized panel so, you can better focus on your work. It provides many themes to choose and allows you to import contacts in CSV, Txt, and LDIF format. You can customize various settings and set an in-browser sound alert. But AOL Mail service comes in with a lot of ads.

    However, the most amazing feature that makes it outstand its competitors and attract users is- unlimited email storage.

    How to choose the best ESP?

    Consider the following criteria when you select any free ESP:

    • Strong security measures
    • Email archive and search capabilities
    • Spam filters
    • Other tools integrated with it
    • Maximum storage
    • Ease of use (clean and fast interface)
    • Advanced features

    And do not forget to check the ESP’s reputation and reliability by looking at user reviews. An email address that you provide to your clients will form a great impact on them.

    Final words:

    A free ESP is easy to find but to find the one which is best suited for your needs will require a little research work.

    Check out the essential features of the 5 best free email providers and decide which one suits your needs. As they are all free of cost, you need not worry about anything else.

    Do comment down your favorite free email service provider!

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