• Android v/s iPhone : What Should You Buy?

    Android v/s iPhone

    Android v/s iPhone : Well, it’s a matter of a big debate and discussion that if your budget is somewhere around ₹40-50k, you should go for an android phone or the iPhone.  But according to me, you can’t rely on anyone blindly. You should know it’s pros and cons. I think you might know everything about iPhone and Android so, let’s not get into the comparison of both the devices. I am here to tell you one important thing that everyone skips while comparing androids to apples.

    The thing is what type of user are you !! If you want something new from your phone all the time and you want to use new features like gestures etc iPhone is not meant for you. If you are a gaming person and you need that giant battery .. even then iPhone is not meant for you.

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    Android v/s iPhone : Being Netural Here……..

    People who don’t look for anything new they are satisfied with whatever has been served in their plates at once, only they can eat apples, I mean use apples. First of all, let me tell you .. I’m not being biased to any device. Here I am neutral.

    No doubt Android is always packed with many useful features that Apple can’t even think off .. but at the same time, privacy is also vital. Hence, you have to compromise here. You can’t get both the things at the same time. That silly apple stuff charger, earphones or the wireless AirPods, Apple Watch etc are getting, even more, costlier day by days .. we are very well aware of this thing.

    But if you choose an iPhone over Android make sure your pocket allows you to go for them too .. otherwise using an iPhone without Apple products won’t be able to satisfy you. Hence your decision should be made wisely.

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