• Can I Trade Forex With $10?

    Can I Trade Forex With $10

    Definitely, you can trade Forex with $10 account or often called a micro forex account. In fact, most Forex brokers provide the option to start trading from a new account starting with as low as $1.

    Although this offer stands for the majority of Forex brokers, it should be checked whether your preferred broker provides the same offer.

    In a Rush?

    However, if you’re in a rush to start right now, just give this list a glance to check if your preferred Forex trader is in the list.

    Broker Name Minimum Deposit (USD)
    AccentForex 10
    AdmiralMarkets 10
    Alpari 1
    CMCMarkets 1
    FBS 1
    FinPro Trading 5
    ForexMart 1
    Fort Financial Services 5
    FXDD 1
    FxGlory 1
    FXOpen 1
    FXTM 10
    HotForex 5
    InstaForex 1
    JCMFX 10
    LiteForex 10
    Oanda 1


    Trading with a small amount is an important step for being a successful Forex trader. Most Forex traders talk about putting in money carefully. But what they don’t talk about is the experience you need to get going smoothly. That hands-in experience with Forex is important to build confidence and fixate your mindset on a definite strategy to get to your goal.

    Following a strategy definitely means proper risk management, using leverage effectively, and using a solid trading strategy by consulting with Forex experts. And many experts say this because Forex is not an instant money-making scheme. Now, you might be asking yourself.

    How Can I Grow A $10 Trading Account?

    Trading with a $10 account is the same as trading with a $1000 except for one small factor. You’ll be working on a smaller lot size like 0.01 to 0.03. Building from a $10 micro account takes a long time to get to a sizeable amount.

    Experts suggest to start trading using a demo account, and when you’ve practised enough to trade alone, then you can put your money into a real forex account and play. Also, there’s always helpful Forex Trading Guidelines to lead you out of confusion.

    On the other hand, professional traders have no problem in raising a $10 account as a subsidiary into a big figure account. This is because they can hold onto the safest signals offering the least risk and most gain, and this can be done by observing and optimizing the signals from their primary account.

    6 Strategies to Grow A$10 Forex Account

    Here are some professional guidelines on how to grow a $10 Forex account:

    1.     Build on your strategy

    Gaining from Forex is impossible without the right strategy, to begin with. And so, this is the first and the most important thing as a new trader. If you are not aware of trading strategies, go check them out from Forex Trading Guidelines where they teach all about Forex for beginners. Some common Forex trading strategies are – Day Trading, Swing Trading, Positional Trading, Scalp Trading, and High-Frequency Trading.

    2.     Use Risk Management Effectively

    Forex is a volatile market and so, trading emotionally in this market won’t do any good. So, working on a consistent risk management strategy increases your fault tolerance so that you won’t have to think too much about covering your losses from other trade(s).

    The best thing about a solid strategy for risk management is that it can be used on both $10 account and on a $1000 account. So, strategize effectively and follow easily.

    3.     Minus All Emotions from Trades

    New traders have a tendency to think too much about the repercussions of bad trade, and it’s not a good sign. First of all, trades will come by both positively and negatively. So, keep your expectations realistic and think of it as a poker game.

    When money is lost, you cannot win it back emotionally unless you strategize effectively. Whatever you have is enough for your A-game. Remember that.

    4.     Learn, Research, Implement, and Repeat

    To stay on top of your Forex game, you have to dedicate hours of learning new and current strategies. Also, the important thing is to keep all eyes and ears open for news from a reliable source – news that can swing the forex trades.

    Besides, relying only on signals isn’t enough to create a mega account. You definitely need to research more to safeguard your money while putting it on trade.

    5.     Consistency

    Trading addiction is a bad thing, and it can single-handedly destroy your account with a few bad moves. Collective bad practices are enough to smash all the eggs that you collected over time. One tip that experts follow to stay safe is to trade on stable currency pairs based on current news.

    6.     Trade for Learning, Not for Earning

    If your intention is only the money, then you’ll only get as far as earning a couple hundreds or thousands if you’re lucky enough. But, a shift in mindset allows you to do a lot more.

    If you intend to play around with your Forex knowledge, then you have a whole new domain to explore based on that knowledge and extract benefit from it.

    A simple nudge in the right direction backed by Forex knowledge is all it takes to take your account from $10 to a sizeable five-figure amount. Focus on a concrete trading plan and a stick with your strategy, and money should come pouring at you sooner or later.

    Final Words

    Here’s my 2 cents on whether you can trade with a $10 account. Remember, every mega Forex account builds on a dollar but not at a time. So, with time in hand, delve yourself into Forex research materials and learn to think how the professionals do and that’ll be enough to keep you out of harm’s way.


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