• 10 Reasons Why Flutter Mobile Development Is The Best Choice For Startups

    Are you new to the mobile app development industry? Do you need help in selecting a perfect framework for designing your business app? Or you are just the one who is willing to know the reasons why Flutter app development services are trending and used by start-ups and independent businesses.

    Nowadays, Flutter is considered the most progressive and dynamic framework in the technical domain. It has brought new opportunities for beginners. The platform is integrated with the best tools that are sufficient for designing a startup mobile app.

    Flutter is the introduction of Google and uses the dart language. This powerful and cutting-edge app development framework makes it possible for developers to design platform-independent apps for new iOS and Android organizations. Since the framework has amazing features, Flutter app development companies in India are getting too much popularity.


    So, before discussing why flutter is an unquestionable choice for designing a startup app, lets collect more knowledge about Flutter-

    What purpose does Flutter serve?

    Flutter is the Google-based toolkit helpful in designing enticing UI for the android, desktop, and web-based startup app using one codebase.


    The particular app development platform has everything that is needed to build a platform-independent application. It consists of command-line tools, a rendering engine, multiple widgets, testing, and API. Flutter has a great development model. Therefore, the elements of the UI change automatically when the code will be changed.


    App development companies having a tight budget can easily use Flutter and do the mobile application development at a low-priced rate.

    1. Flutter has the hot reload feature. This particular function escalates the app development speed and allows programmers to examine updates and improvements precisely.
    2. As Flutter is empowered with GPU rendering UI, an app can be compatible with different screen sizes.
    3. An app development framework like Flutter facilitates multiple IDEs. These include Xcode, Visual Studio Code, and Android Code.
    4. While using Flutter for the mobile app development, the total time duration that goes into apps testing can easily be drop off. This is because the testing team wouldn’t have to spend time on platform-based testing. One of the best advantages of using Flutter is that it generates lesser or negligible bugs.

    How Flutter-based mobile apps are better in comparison to the traditional ones?

    Flutter-based apps don’t set any platform-based limitations. So, we will discuss why you should choose the Flutter app development services in comparison to the native app building.

    Easily affordable

    The native app building increases your expenditure as developers will have to write separate codes for separate platforms. But, the cross-platform apps use one codebase to run an app on distinctive platforms. It minimizes the app maintenance cost.

    Quick development

    The cross-platform apps are built using one code. For distinctive platforms, separate codes wouldn’t be used. It lessens the work of the developer and allows them to proceed with further tasks.

    Requires less coding

    A cross-platform app demands minimum coding. You wouldn’t have to hire developers for monitoring an app on two separate platforms. The QA team will just have to test the app once. So, this helps the tester to spend less time on testing.

    Reusable codes

    Code reusability is the most important benefit of using Flutter. This feature allows the specific framework to stand out from others. Developers don’t need to put special efforts into writing platform-specific codes.

    Why is Flutter an ideal technology for Startups?

    Flutter is entirely different from other app development platforms. Its programming language and SDK empower it in developing cutting-edge apps. Obtaining high-end app results is only possible when you use Flutter. Other cross-platform alternatives are not capable of developing smart mobile applications. Hence, we will discuss some important reasons to choose Flutter app development services:


    1. Uses Dart

    Dart is the powerful coding language of Flutter. It has a powerful syntax. This supports standard architecture and design. Besides this, it assists in maintaining and managing app consistency.

    1. Quick app launch

    Flutter app development guarantees the fast launch of an app. This is because it needs less coding. Apart from that, the framework has a declarative API that increases app performance with visual adjustments.

    1. Customized widgets

    Flutter is combined with numerous widgets. While using the framework, developers get the facility to use either Cupertino or Material Design. Also, the widgets can be customized easily. The customization process is applicable to different components of the app. These include color, shadow manipulations, shape, element transformations, clipping, or other major transformations.

    1. Distinctive rendering engine

    To get the advantage from most of the Flutter features, it has its unique rendering engine. With such types of facilities, there is no need to do adjustments with UI. The user interface can be easily and directly transferred onto a platform.


    Since Flutter uses Skia, this assists in the rendering processes. This significantly speeds up the process of app development. This is why startup app development companies in India are choosing Flutter app development services.

    1. Future-proof

    Flutter framework is worthy of admiration due to Google’s Fuchsia OS. This operating system is becoming popular like other app development platforms. Since Fuchsia operating software made a free open-source project, its applications will be in-built with Flutter-based features. So, this is a positive forecast about Flutter.

    1. Boosts the app performance

    To stand out among competitors, Flutter helps in code compilation when the mobile app is introduced. It helps in upsurging the performance of an app. The particular app development framework directly addresses a canvas, excluding web-view or JavaScript engagement. It allows 120 FPS(Frames Per Second) for most of the devices.

    Flutter technology is extremely enticing. Thus new and growing Flutter app development companies should definitely select it.

    1. Platform-based feature implementation

    Being the most preferred app development framework, Flutter provides similar facilities as traditional SDKs. Most of such facilities have been applied as platform-based plugins. This allowed app developers to implement features in the form of solutions. These platform-specific plugins involve advanced features. It includes Bluetooth access, geolocation, permission handling, gathering sensor data, etc.

    1. Similar logic for different platforms

    Contrary to other frameworks, Flutter uses the same user interface and logic for different platforms. The platform can be used autonomously and it’s not required any additional platform-based UI components.

    1. Easy to understand

    For mobile app developers, Flutter is an easy language to learn. It has the same development environment as in Android and iOS platforms. Also, its programming language is easy to understand. Developers can manage to work on it if they have knowledge about object-oriented programming languages.

    The other most crucial factor that supports Flutter is its documentation. The documentation would be available on Flutter’s official website Flutter. dev.

    1. Suitable for MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

    If you are a newcomer in the app development sector, you can use Flutter. It allows you to develop an MVP and present that in front of investors. The big thing is that you can develop an app without any budget constraints. With Flutter, you can create a feature-enriched mobile application.

    Flutter framework creates the possibility for investors to understand the MVP live. They can even use it in real-time. In a nutshell, it can be said that the Flutter framework can serve your purpose conveniently.

    Summing Up

    For a startup company, Flutter is the perfect option to design apps at affordable rates. In long term, it is a great option for app development. Multiple developers are using Flutter for mobile app development across the globe. Without any doubt, it is an ideal option for designing smart apps for distinctive platforms. The positive point is that you can actually design an app capable of targeting multiple platforms.

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