• 5 Epic social media campaign for your business

    5 Epic social media campaign for your business

    Every company, business owner, and executive should prioritize the creation of a social media marketing Singapore. A digital marketing company in Singapore, like any other area of business, should include target setting and a strategy for achieving those goals. Your social media efforts would be nothing more than aimless posting if you do not have a plan.

    #1 “Dumb Ways to Die” Metro Trains (2012) – McCann Australia

    The campaign’s aim is to raise awareness among young people about the high number of fatalities that occur near metropolitan trains. This is a great idea for a digital marketing company in Singapore.

    The video and song received an unprecedented 20 million internet views in its first week, becoming the most viewed public service announcement of all time. It has over 126 million views on YouTube to date, and the spin-off game has been the number one free app in 21 countries. The fact that it spawned countless user-generated spoofs and offshoot memes is a true reflection of its popularity.


    #2 Wieden+Kennedy Portland’s Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” (2010)

    Gear up your social media marketing Singapore for more innovative strategies. The aim of the campaign is to revive an old brand and make it more appealing to a younger audience. With over 50 million YouTube views for the original video (and a host of spin-offs), this campaign revived a boring old brand, making it hip and exciting once more. In response to the Old Spice Guy’s remarkable viral popularity, the agency created an immersive multimedia advertisement in which he posted personal video responses to fans online.

    The concept is brilliant, as is the idea to produce the personal answer images, an innovation in real-time branding that became one of the world’s most influential online interactive campaigns of all time.

    #3 Wieden+Kennedy’s Heineken “Crack the US Open” (2014)

    The aim of the campaign is to establish an immersive photo hunt as a competition to win tickets to the US Open. It is also used to increase brand awareness. This is a great platform for social media marketing.

    The contest lasted three days, with 1,500 people participating in a total of seven photo hunts. The game was praised for raising awareness of Heineken’s sponsorship of the US Open, resulting in a 20% rise in followers for the @Heineken US account.

    The first thing you note about their Instagram account is that every picture is flipped sideways – it is the largest image ever on Instagram, and the single stadium photo was broken into over 200 images to make a mosaic panorama.


    #4 Volvo Trucks “The Epic Break” – Forsman & Bodenfors (2012)

    The campaign’s aim is to influence B2B decision-makers and make engineering appealing to the public and can be considered in social media marketing Singapore.

    The choice of Jean Claude Van Damme was inspired, and his epic stunt across two moving trucks ignited the Internet with viral hype and debate about the video’s authenticity. Is this true? How did he pull it off? (For the record, all was true!) The video has received over 82 million views to date. The Van Damme video was one of six about the trucks that went viral. The videos produced a significant return on investment and increased internal pride and trust within the organization and can be considered in social media marketing Singapore.


    #5. DDB Singapore’s “Surprise Warning” for McDonald’s (2014)

    The campaign’s aim is to encourage the less popular breakfast menu while also serving as a branding exercise. It is one of the best platforms of a digital marketing company in Singapore.

    As a result, many people sleep with their phones within arm’s reach. Taking advantage of this opportunity, McDonald’s developed an app that would enable them to interact with their customers first thing in the morning. The app included fun surprises such as free music, free food, inspiring quotes, and vouchers. The “Surprise Alarm” app has gained over 420,000 downloads and has delivered over 5.9 million “surprises.” Within days, the app had risen to the top of the charts and had reached its 6-month download target in just three weeks.

    The brilliance of this campaign lay in its ability to complement people’s natural patterns, effortlessly integrating their app into everyday routines without becoming disruptive or unwanted. It is one of the best platforms of a digital marketing company in Singapore.


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