• Top Highest Paying Affiliate Programs


    Top Paying Affiliate Programs

    The affiliate program is a very popular business model today. It makes earning via virtual platforms really easy. This must be the reason why every digital marketer wants to get involved in some kind of affiliate program. All they need to know is the place where they can find a product or merchant whom they have to promote. But affiliate programs are not just about promoting a merchant’s product, it’s about understanding how the model will create a win-win scenario for both the parties besides the customers.

    The website owner must also know about the payment arrangements and other basics that determine the contract between him and the merchant. In this context, you’ll understand what affiliate programs are and how they work. Thereafter, you’ll discover the top paying affiliate programs. This shall help you choose the right merchant website.


    What is an Affiliate Program?

    The affiliate programs isn’t anything complicated that a non-business person cannot understand. Simply put, it is a kind of arrangement between two websites, a merchant and an affiliate. The merchant website pays a commission to the affiliate website in exchange for sending traffic. In the arrangement, the affiliate website posts link to the merchant’s websites and get paid when the customers click on the links and perform certain actions.

    This affiliate arrangement usually helps both parties. The affiliate earns payment on the basis of:

    • Number of people it sent to the merchant’s site
    • Number of sent people who buy something from the merchant
    • Number of customers who perform the action as per the contract
    • Number of visits/views on merchant website’s ad banner


    To keep things simple think of the affiliate program as an arrangement where every time the link on the affiliate website brings traffic/revenue to the merchant’s website, the merchant is bound to pay the former some commission as per the agreed contract. Even global companies like Amazon.com use this model to increase their business. The entire affiliate program takes into consideration three parties:

    • Affiliate website
    • Merchant website
    • Customer

    Over the course of years, Affiliate programs have evolved the online business models enormously. It is an opportunity for non-e-commerce websites to get indulged in e-commerce and perform effectively with great returns.


    How do Affiliate Programs work?

    Understanding the working of Affiliate programs makes it essential for one to understand the payment arrangements used here. Cause’ believe it or not, payment arrangements determine how the program will work for both the merchant website and the affiliate website. The basic affiliate program payment arrangements include:

    • Pay-per-sale: In such arrangements, the merchant website pays the affiliate every time a customer sent by the affiliate purchases a product. Some merchant websites pay a percentage of every sale while others go for a fixed amount on every sale.
    • Residual programs: There are several merchants that keep on adding commission to the affiliate’s account as long as the customer sent by it is active.
    • Pay-per-click: In this arrangement, the merchant website decides to pay an affiliate on the basis of the number of visitors who click on the link provided by them and reach the merchant website. This payment model doesn’t require the customer to purchase anything from the merchant.
    • Pay-per-lead: The payment here is done on the basis of the number of referred by the affiliate to the merchant website. Clicking on the link, the visitor needs to fill in a set of requested information at the merchant website. The merchant site later uses this information as sales leads. It can also sell the same as sales lead to another company.
    • Both the parties can negotiate the payment arrangements and other conditions of the contract mutually.


    Top Paying Affiliate Programs

    There are countless digital marketers thriving to indulge their websites into affiliate programs. Here is a list of top affiliate programs that give you the highest pay/commissions for assisting them in expanding their business. It will help you analyze your choices and pick out the best one to earn phenomenal income.


    1. MilesWeb: MilesWeb is one of the top brand in the web hosting industry, they provide all types of hosting services with more than 30K customers. It will the best choice if you are looking for a reliable and good payable affiliate program.

      If you sign up to their affiliate program then after the sign up 1000 INR is instantly credited to your wallet. They also provide a friendly and educational environment to their affiliate partners that’s why we listed the MilesWeb affiliate program at top of the list.

    2. Shopify: Shopify is a no new term for people-friendly with e-commerce. It is counted amongst the most popular and widely used e-commerce platforms today. It could be a perfect choice if you are looking for a reliable and top paying affiliate program.

      Affiliate programs by Shopify offer a fixed commission. It depends on the type of program the customer (sent by an affiliate) signed up for. There are about four programs offered by Shopify to its users. The basic plan starts at $58 and ends up at $2000. You also get 100% for the 1st and 2nd payments.

    3. Kinsta: Kinsta is a ruling affiliate program in WordPress hosting. It is one of the highest paying affiliate programs which offers a fixed commission depending on the type of plan the user signs up for. Besides this, it also offers an additional 10% recurring lifetime commission. The affiliate plans at Kinsta start at $50 and exceed up to $500.
    4. The Six Figure Mentors: It offers a comprehensive set of tools and guidelines for digital marketing. SFM offers a very simple but highly paid affiliate program. It pays a fixed amount based on the plan besides $20/month fixed until the user is active.
    5. SEMRush: SEMRush offers an all-in-one marketing tool kit for professionals in digital marketing. It is known for offering a higher commission than its competitors. The affiliate websites associated with SEMRush can earn up to 40% recurring commission on subsequent sales. You get this commission as long as the user recommended by you is active on their website.
    6. Hubspot: Alike many other digital marketing agencies, Hubspot is yet another one that specializes in an inbound marketing set of tools. Website owners get a huge opportunity to enhance their ROI by affiliating to Hubspot. The paying affiliate program at Hubspot can let you earn as much as $1000 per sale, and that is a really big number. They too have fixed commission programs without limiting the amount you can earn from them.
    7. Food Blogger Pro: It is a food bloggers membership program. It coaches bloggers via videos to earn more from the blogs they create. Food Blogger offers a whopping pay of 20-40% recurring commission in its affiliate programs. It offers only one plan that the user can buy on a monthly or annual basis.
    8. Capitalist Exploits: It is a financial newsletter which has gained popularity pan Globe. It offers a 50% fixed commission to its registered affiliate programs. This fixed commission can vary from $788 to $1750 per sale.

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