• Facebook Likes 5 Simple Tricks

    The first network to be created by many is Facebook, rightly, when a social media strategy is introduced. Facebook is the most active network of users. You might think that posting on Facebook once in a while is a strategy sufficient and stop there. Not true. Not true. A strategy for social media isn’t about throwing a Facebook page and perhaps a Twitter page.

    Facebook likes 5 simple tricks

    You need a commitment strategy from Facebook likes. A Facebook engagement strategy promotes interaction with your fans, customers, and future customers. A post here and there’s an all right start, but it isn’t enough at all. You will stay flat with limited growth with this strategy.


    These 5 tips help you grow and enjoy your audience while getting your audience involved.

    1. Create Shareable Content

    Content is good, but content that can be shared? It’s golden now. Content shared is so important because the content is great. It is so good that people don’t just want to give it a similar thing, they want to share it with their friends they trust on their pages. The information you share will be part of your fans’ identity. It provides insight into who and how they are. And it shows your support for you, most importantly.


    Shareable content increases because it lets more people face your brand and your name. It places your brand specifically before people that are not your fan at the moment. Hopefully, you will gain fans and likes all at once if the message resonates with these people.


    2. Tag yourself in your photos

    This tip is so easy that you’re going to strike yourself so quickly. Tag yourself in each photo & photo post in which your name makes sense. Not redundant. This isn’t redundant. It’s intelligent and why:


    As long as your content is good and can be shared, it will appear on other people’s newsfeed. If someone shares it the ‘shares’ section of your fan page is linked as well as the picture shared by your fan.


    This is extremely good for Rachel Zoe. On my page, I shared a photo of her lovely breaker. Because she tagged herself in the photo description, people now like her fan page in two ways. Through the brand name in my action point (the photo of Stephanie Frasco shared with Rachel Zoe Collection), my friends can go directly to the page of Rachel Zoe or through their brand name on the photo’s current description.


    3. Be Consistent

    SMGS, otherwise known as the social media ghost syndrome, is something you never want to do on social media. That’s where you’re active around a major launch for a week and then go to the next launch. There was a mistake (Okay, I made that name up, but you get the point.)


    Keep your updates consistent. For a large fan page 2-3 is good but at least one thing I would say to post a day. I won’t worry about the people who leave for over-posting if you stick within the range. They’re not your target audience anyway if they leave. There was a mistake (The same goes for newsletter unsubscribes.)


    The more engaging and relevant content you post, the more fans get involved. The more your fans get involved, the more you attract fans.


    4. Consider Timing

    You have to post when most people are on FaceBook if you want to go before most eyeballs. Every audience is different, but it works best in general mornings and evenings. You want to take it into consideration if you have an international audience and it might make sense, for those time zones, to post during optimum times.


    So, you got it there. Quite simple, okay? Tell me what you’ve found. Recall never stops learning. You will find what works for you and continue experimenting.

    5.Aim New Public Interest-Based


    In addition to building audiences in Lookalike, create a focused audience for a wider, diverse group of users who like your page.


    Use Facebook Audience Insight to learn what your current followers are interested in in the first place.


    You can see the potential size of the crowd changing on Facebook while defining more interests. Once you have narrowed this audience down, it’s time for a campaign to begin to think about that.


    Here you can target these users, like lookalike audiences, with ads and content that appeal to your interests.


    Remember the more content you create, the more likely you are to communicate with your users.


    This commitment might be like a page or a comment, but all of this adds up to the Facebook page as you want.


    Share and Enjoy !


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