• How Successful Video SEO Avoid Common Pitfalls

    How Successful Video SEO Avoid Common Pitfalls

    A text and audio are not enough for the description of a brand or product. Today is a time to make a video presentation of our brand uniquely and creatively. Lots of YouTubers promote the product in such an engaging and interacting way that you can’t stop yourself from buying it. A perfect Video SEO is must be doing the task to rank videos higher on YouTube and another video platform.


    Video SEO is a set of specific strategies to bring a YouTube video on higher visibility and top on scrolling. Because YouTube is the largest search engine after Google and billions of people are continually engaging with this, it allows you to earn money with your content also. It’s all algorithm works with view time. The whole strategies of video SEO is all about making our video content easily searchable and content full of interest.


    By following some most essential steps as Video SEO strategies, it helps to get more organic visits for our videos.


    Keyword selection:


    The main topic or subject of video on which you gathered the information and shape into a form of a video. Keyword selection and choice of niches is more critical than anything others. YouTube search engine work on keyword algorithm like Google, so if it is different between your keyword and content, it will ruin your hard work.


    Repetition of your keyword in your video, include in your raw file name, and the title of the video is necessary. There are lots of keyword suggestion tools available in the market to getting help from it.


    Make Use of Tags & Description:


    Tags also specific keywords that a viewer can type to search your video or related to your videos. The more tags you have, get more probability in the suggested video list. For example, – Laptop tags are its model, brand, color, features, availability, and other languages also. You can use Tubebuddy to find tags for your videos.


    The description is the complete information about the videos, its disclaimers, about the video, some relevant links. For Video SEO, You should also use your keyword and channel URL in the description.


    Make excellent and informative videos:


    The idea behind this is to make more exciting and creative videos for your users. No matter on what subject you deliver the video, but if the user does not relate himself or get something from your video such as humor, information, the knowledge he never visits again. For this, try to create a video with the complete topic, not too short or lengthy, but to express the maximum in the minimum words.


    Original thumbnail:


    An attractive thumbnail can do your half work done. It attracts visitors in a single frame. But your thumbnail should be relevant to your video content.it is essential for Video SEO. A false and spammy thumbnail can penalize your YouTube channel too. You can use picture and Canva for creating thumbnails.


    Ask the viewer to like & share and respond to comments:


    Always respond to your viewer comment. It is not mandatory but making it a habit is necessary for your branding. And it is also essential to know about what people think about your creative videos. Asking for like and share of your video is also a good practice.

    It increases your subscriber and your reach. The more subscriber you have means more to the customer you can sell your product or services.


    Final verdict


    Embedding your YouTube video will lead to get more views and watch time. It will increase your video ranking. To get the perfect and all solution on Video SEO, you can visit www.juniperoites.com as they provide not only video SEO but all servicing regarding SEO, One of the best SEO Company in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.


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