• How To Change Whatsapp Number Easily ? – Know Step By Step Process

    Whatsapp Number Change Process : WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps worldwide. But, if you have many WhatsApp accounts and you are tired of using them, then let us tell you that you can easily change your WhatsApp number.

    Facebook-powered WhatsApp also allows you to change your number. That is, it can also be said that you can change the number running in your WhatsApp accounts at any time, for this you do not have to worry too much, and like government offices or Aadhaar cards, you also need to give applications for it. No. Today we are going to tell you very easy ways, through which you can easily change your WhatsApp number into a pinch.

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    How To Change Whatsapp Number?

    • For this, you must first open WhatsApp in your phone and go to its settings.
    • After this you will have to go to the account section and click on the change number.

      After this, you are going to be asked to add your old number here, plus you will have to enter your new number here as well.

    • After this, you have to complete the process by following the instructions seen on the screen.
    • Just by doing this, you can change your mobile number very easily inside WhatsApp.

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