• How to involve mobile wallets for cashless payments?

    Mobile Wallet

    A wallet is a pouch that we use on a day-to-day basis usually in order to store money and its related articles such as identity cards for daily usage. It is also termed to store personal items such as photographs, transit passes, business cards, and other laminated cards.


    What is a mobile wallet?

    This kind of wallet provides electronically with their service provider nowadays caters for their service for the convenience of their customers. They also store information of debit card and credit card where it functions the user to pay cashless, making it a mutual understanding between the buyer and the payer for their effective services.

    A virtual wallet that stores information from credit, debit cards and in turn they may provide discounts using coupons and cash vouchers at during some festive seasons or at any point of functions from a mobile device.

    Thus, customers do use wallets of mobile type to pay determined in-store payments at any point of sales outlets using digital code where it scans and identifies the payer for making small payments of any kind of exchange.

    Thus, mobile wallets store information of credit and debit cards along with vouchers and loyalty cards on a mobile device. Some most popular which is to include Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and PayPal.


    What is a mobile wallet

    There is encryption being provided for the information which is stored in a mobile wallet and it encrypts the source of stored information and makes it difficult for hackers and cybercriminals for the execution of fraudulent activities in them. While being credit card and debit card being physical can easily mishandle and be stolen or duplicated, mobile wallets are difficult to encrypt or stolen any source of information.

    Thus, with this in mind to say more about is the fact that once a customer installs a mobile wallet with stuff such as credit and debit card information data, rewards and coupons, where there are KYC being quoted with an encrypted key or QR code.

    For payment purpose at in-store, there are people for mobile payment who uses NFC (near-field communication) technology to communicate between devices. The action however triggers with the waves where NPC-enabled device sets up at the merchant’s point-of-service terminal.

    Types of Mobile Wallets –

    There are different types of mobile wallets. They are as follows.

    1. Open Wallets.
    2. Closed Wallets.
    3. Semi-closed Wallets.

    Thus here an overview of how we use these wallets with more beneficiaries and awareness being created to use it as is.

    1. Open Wallets – This type of wallet has direct contact with the bank or through a third party. Thus these wallets use funds in the mobile wallet for payments for transactions or withdrawal of funds deposited within the accounts in cash. PayPal is one of the open wallets which allows users in making payments for in-store and online purchases and still withdraws the funds in cash.
    2. Closed Wallets – These kinds of wallets are linked to specific merchants where the users only use funds to make payments for a transaction that initiates with specific merchants. However, some users might not be able to use their money for making any kind of payments for transactions with other merchants and there are third-party service providers who withdraw funds in cash. For instance, Amazon Pay, Ola Money are one such wallet who seems to stick within specified merchants and pay for their uses.
    3. Semi-Closed Wallets – These wallets allow using funds in the wallet where they make payments for transactions with multiple merchants for existing contracts as long as it thrives between the merchant and the mobile wallet company. The user however withdraws the funds into bank accounts.

    Usage and Benefits of Mobile Wallets

    Thus upon all this understanding, you now will be able to choose a mobile wallet, where there is easy to set up and use for making payments. Start downloading the mobile apps from the app store onto your smartphone, tablet, or other devices that are compatible. However, this launches the app with starting to add information of whatever you want with adding your wallet credit card, debit card, coupons, reward cards, etc.

    However, there is a possibility of loading any information for multiple cards where onto wallets, only one card is selected and the default payment option is used for making payments. For different card payment options, one has to change the default card before making payment.

    Users are required to wave or tap the NFC-enabled terminal for contactless payments. The payment is made by the customer or consumer a message is sent to the merchant with regards to the payment. Thus, the merchant must honor a message alert for the payment to be transferred from the consumer’s account to the merchant’s account.

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    Benefits of Mobile Wallets

    1. 1. Secured access

    One of the benefits of mobile wallet enables is secure access. Before making any payment, the user does need unlocking the mobile device using a password or fingerprint. This app requires users to type passcode, using the fingerprint or face scan to unlock mobile wallet.

    Thus with in case of theft, it will be an impossible task for anyone using mobile device where there are payments without providing security credentials and making mobile wallets more secured for carrying physical credit card and cash that is compromised easily.

    1. Accessible and convenient

    Mobile wallets are quickly accessible and convenient, which makes easier for users in making payments. Thus they are preferred consumers with more convenience approach in paying for in-store purchases and instead of carrying physical wallets and cash to stores. Once attaching credit card information to mobile wallet, users use funds to pay bills and purchases on the go.


    This mobile wallet is an electronic device or an online service enabled during individuals or businesses where one makes transactions electronically. The storage information about payments of every user for different mode of payment on various websites along with vouchers and gift coupons. However, mobile wallet is also known as digital wallet or e-wallet.

    The mobile app’s most popular versions of the digital wallet come with mobility and flexibility. Users of digital wallets are safer with their approach inconvenience with a need to download specific apps created by the banks or trusted parties availing the service.

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