• How to Protect Your Data From Data Stealing Apps, Here Are Simple Tricks

    Nowadays, not only money and jewelry but your data in your mobile can also be stolen and it has been causing you damage for a long time. Therefore, people should be aware of the security of personal data in their mobile. Today we will tell you the simple steps with which you can protect your data.

    This is how users can keep their data safe

    Cyber ​​security experts say that data theft can be avoided to a great extent if users are aware. Not only Facebook, Instagram, whenever you install an app, give the app the same access as necessary. Common access like contacts, media, location are fine, but it is not good to give access to camera, photo gallery or other sensitive features.

    These measures will provide security

    Along with installing the app, know its privacy and privacy.
    It is better to remove them from the home screen after using the app
    Give access to camera-gallery in photo-sharing app, not location-contact
    Before installing the anonymous app, keep in mind its review, rating
    If you are not using any app then it is better to remove it
    Keep data off during night time and location when not needed
    Keep updating the app from PlayStore, it will prevent virus.

    Chinese apps ask for twice as much information as needed

    Most app data is stored in Hong Kong and Singapore.
    Suspicion of sending data to Chinese military and government threatened

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