• How To Remove Photos And Videos In Whatsapp Without Deleting Text Messages

    How To Delete Photos And Videos In Whatsapp : We all know the popularity of social messaging app WhatsApp and the benefits we get from it are also not hidden from anyone, but on WhatsApp, we all get upset with some chats or groups that send us many photos, video messages throughout the day. And most of these are not of our use.

    In such a situation, to get rid of these chats, WhatsApp has introduced a new mute Forever feature. This way you will never get notifications of these chats. These photos and videos that you get on these chats are of no use, but the conversation may come in handy at some time. In such a situation, you can only delete media files by saving text messages from a chat. Know how …

    How To Delete Photos And Videos In Whatsapp : For iOS and Android Whatsapp Users

    • Go to WhatsApp settings and go to Storage usage in data/storage usage.
    • Select the contact whose media files you want to delete.
    • Choose Manage and then tick the check box next to the item you want to clear. Leave the text message box blank here.
    • Similarly, you can delete chat and save photos and keep them.
    • Then click on Clear to Confirm.
    • In addition, users can remove media files from any private chat or group by auto-download. This way these photos, videos, will not be downloaded to your phone by themselves.
    • Auto Download Media Files on Whatsapp

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    What should iOS users do?

    Go to chat and select any group or chat media files you want to remove from auto download.

    Tap on the contact, then go to Save to Camera role and click on Set to Always Never.

    What should Android users do ?

    • Go to Contact or select the group whose media files you want to remove from Auto Download.
    • Click on the top bar of this chat.
    • Select media visibility here.
    • Select Yes or No by default
    • Click on OK to confirm.

    If the downloaded files on your WhatsApp are automatically visible in the phone gallery, then you can also stop them. For this, you have to follow the steps given below:

    For iOS version

    Go to Chat in Settings and toggle off on the Save to Camera role.

    For Android version

    Go to Chat in Settings and toggle off the Show Media in Gallery or Media Visibility.

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