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    Backend Web Services

    ‘Mobile Backend as a Service’is popularly known as backend as a service (or MBaaS). It has been a key factor for app developers while developing web or mobile applications. Because with the course of time and advancements in the digital world, developing an application is no more just about making a website and then a customized software for various platforms.It needs to be connected to the backend cloud storage to rank high in the list of similar applications.

    In this article, we shall talk about the top 10 backend services. So, without much ado, let’s get to it.

    What is Backend as a Service (BaaS)?

    Backend service is basically a model that provides application developers a way to link their final product to a backend service. It facilitates the developers with a way to link the developed website or mobile applications to the backend cloud storage. Using unified Software Development Kit and Application Programming Interface, backend services form a bridge between frontend and cloud-based backend that the application is incorporated with.

    It provides application users with a unique set of features that have become a necessity today. The majority of the applications and web services before 2011 did not use BaaS technology. It started to enter the mainstream only after the enterprise consumers started increasing.

    Its’ Purpose

    Be it a website or some sort of mobile application, it always requires a similar set of backend services to be incorporated in it. These backend services provide users with the following features:

    • User management and authentication
    • Push notification
    • Secure and scalable infrastructure
    • Social media integration
    • API console
    • Seamless navigation
    • Analytics
    • Cloud storage

    Applications that usually revolve around messaging services, games, geo-location-based (like cabs, restaurants, maps or food delivery) and mobile commerce, etc are mainly based on Backend services. Social media applications or music/video streaming apps too are best handled by these cloud storage services.

    Top 10 Backend Web Services of All Time

    Gone are the days where the creation of the applications was required to be mobile-friendly. Today, the word application has become a kind of synonym for mobile phones. The need of the hour requires the software applications to be connected with a secure backend (cloud service) on the server-side. Developers have always been struggling to find the best backend service to create their applications and websites. So, let’s ponder upon the top 10 backend services of the present era.

    1. Backendless

    This particular backend service does all the coding which eliminates the developer’s headache to do the server-side coding. It is embedded with 6 core backend services. The inbuilt APIs and SDKs make the development a lot quicker and easier. Besides Backend service, Backendless also works as a hosting tool, application marketplace, and an API engine.

    2. Kinvey

    This one is popular for its handy features that are just damn useful. It is as reliable as any other highly ranked service that is incorporated to create a fast and efficient application or website. It offers the following features:

    • Mobilization of enterprise data
    • Data storage
    • Analytics
    • Authentication besides other prominent cloud-native services

    3. Firebase

    This backend service is backed by a powerful company that needs no introduction. It is backed by Google. With great positive reviews, this backend service is worth checking. The following are the features provided by firebase:

    • Crash reports
    • Cloud storage
    • Authentication
    • Test lab
    • Real-time databases

    4. Appcelerator

    It is a highly popular backend API resource. It allows the developers to build and host their applications on different kinds of servers like private, public, or virtual private servers. Appcelerator allows the users to keep a track of application downloads, engagement, and retention levels. It offers its users a set of high-end features.

    5. Kumulos

     Kumulos backend service is based on the ‘pay-as-you-go’ model. It lets the developers incorporate its features into their apps with ease. Cutting down the unnecessary expenses, it shortens the development period and budget. Besides, iOS and Android, this backend service supports other prominent platforms too.

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    6. Kii

     It is the ideal backend resource for new applications. It focuses on the IoT factor, a thing that is bound to rule the digital world later in the coming years. The developers can test, optimize, and handle scaling requirements of their applications with Kii. Its prominent features include:

    • Push notification
    • Geo-location
    • Cloud storage

    7. Appery.io

     With its own app-builder, Appery.io has secured itself a place different from other backend services in the league. It is used to create applications for both iOS and Android. It comes with an impressive set of custom API plug-ins. To suit the needs of different developers, Appery.io is available in 5 different versions.

    8. AnyPresence

    Popular for offering comprehensive Backend service solutions, AnyPresence gives the developers complete control of the cloud-native services. Ensured with non-proprietary technology, it allows easy portability of projects. The developers and customize their codes as per the requirements.

    9. Back4App

    This backend service comes with a wide range of robust features. It is a great option for developers who crave for quality. It’s worth noticing features include:

    • Live Query
    • Real-time database
    • GeoQueries
    • Muti-app tenancy
    • Version control
    • Analytics

    10. AWS Amplify

     It is also known as the Amazon AWS. After being used to create astounding applications like Netflix, Airbnb, and Periscope, this particular backend service has become worth considering. You can start up with a free plan to create your application and upgrade if your budget allows later in the future. Backed by a renowned company like Amazon, AWS Amplify never fails to create solutions to all your problems every now and then. It offers the developers with the following significant features:

    • Authentication
    • Device farm
    • Cloud storage
    • User analytics
    • Content delivery
    • Robust backend logic

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