• Top 10 Plagiarism Checker Free Websites

    How do you feel when someone in your class copies your homework and presents it as his own? Now adding fuel to the fire, imagine him scoring higher than you. Well, that hurts right? You might most probably feel cheated or disappointed and angry, right?

    That’s exactly what plagiarism is. With its literal meaning, although plagiarism means a kind of practice that takes someone else’s work/ideas and opinions, passing it as your own without giving the actual owner credit for his work. But in general, every time the word plagiarism appears, the first thing that hits our minds is a website that takes someone else’s ideas and opinions and posts it as its own. In this blog, we shall talk about the top 10 plagiarism checker websites.

    Plagiarism Checker Websites

    Plagiarism is undoubtedly an unethical and wrong practice. To cater to their own profits and gains, many websites and online business owners often copy contents, ideas, and opinions from other portals and sources ignoring the actual owner and his rights.

    This may be beneficial for a short term goal. The owner may achieve higher ranks in the SERP than the original owner. But as they say, ‘truth shall always remain unbeaten forever’ practicing plagiarism always hurts in the end. Plagiarized webpage content not only damages your SEO but also harms your ranking and visibility online. It reduces your credibility factors that Google evaluates your website on.

    Writing a blog, post or any content for online posting requires a great deal of research and time investment to make the same new and unique. You wouldn’t want to be criticized anywhere in the world for plagiarism when your work is all original and based upon your thoughts and opinions. But the world is indeed small, and you are bound to come across people sharing the same viewpoint as that of yours. So, it makes sense to check your work for plagiarism and make sure that it is unique and has not appeared anywhere else in the same light by some other author. If it does, it is always recommended to change or remove that particular part from your post, to avoid plagiarism issues.

    Where Should I Check My Content for Plagiarism?

    Now the point is where you can check your content for plagiarism? Especially with the oceans of information flowing all around the web, it is just too tough to scan your write-up for copy-pasting. Well, just as I said, there is no shortage of information in the world. And now, checking plagiarism has become easier than ever before. There are over hundreds of websites available ready to help you without any charges just with a few clicks.

    Paid versions are always the better option. But, many smaller websites struggling with budget issues cannot access paid plagiarism checkers. Well, to facilitate them, we have equally good plagiarism checking websites and applications available that provide their services free of costs too. All you need to do is to search your web browser for the website, sign in and scan your content and it is all done. You can edit the parts that suggest plagiarism or just g on to publish the same online if there are no issues found.




    Best Plagiarism Checker Free Websites

    To help your content protect its originality and uniqueness, we have come up with a list of top 10 online plagiarism Checker websites. So, scroll down to read about some really great plagiarism Checker websites and choose what suits you the best.

    1. Duplichecker: It is widely popular as efficient yet free software that just gets your job done really quickly. You just need to paste or upload your content in the designated area and just scan it for the errors. The free version lets its registered users scan about 50 posts/texts per day. Unregistered users can scan one text content everyday.
    1. PaperRater: PaperRater is appreciated for its real-time quick results. Within a couple of seconds, the software spots the errors in the submitted writing. It is a cloud-based application that does not require its users to sign up or log in and download the application to use. It offers proofreading, grammar check besides plagiarism checking.
    1. Google Webmaster Tools with WordPress Plugin: With WordPress plugins, Google webmaster tools is a great approach to boost your SEO. But did you know that it can also help you scan your writing for plagiarism too? Well, to be honest, yes it does. Google webmaster helps you spot plagiarism errors by scanning the hyperlinks that people often forget to remove while copy-pasting the content from other sources.
    1. Unicheck: With over a million users spread worldwide, Unicheck has been helping writers and editors scan their content for plagiarism. You do not need to download this software because it is cloud-based. You can scan huge amounts of texts sing Unicheck and spot the errors that need to be edited. To suit your needs as a content writer, Unicheck offers you a variety of packages.
    2. Copyleaks: Renowned as a highly appreciated content checker, Copyleaks scans and provides detailed information for the plagiarized contents. Available in both free and paid version, it lets you scan 10 pages a month for free. But to do more, you need to pay a few bucks.
    1. Grammarly: Originally launched as a proofreading application in 2009, Grammarly is a software that checks the text for both plagiarism and grammar & spelling errors. Over the course of time, Grammarly evolved into a plagiarism checker. The software enables you to check your content for over 250 grammatical errors besides spell checks.The application forwards your correction through e-mails. One can access Grammarly for free services to scan your writing for plagiarism detection. You can avail advanced features with a paid premium version too.
    2. Quetext: The Quetext software lets you paste and scan your writing for plagiarism errors. It is known as the most user-friendly and easy to use software so far. The only drawback users complain about in using Quetext is that you cannot upload or link a webpage for scanning.
    1. Plagiarisma: Plagiarisma makes your content that is copied easier to find and catch. Surfing the web browser, it lets you see all the sites that copy or post content similar to that of yours.
    1. WhiteSmoke: This software was launched in 2002 with a motive to aid writers and editors across the globe. Over the years, it rose to success as a reliable plagiarism checker.WhiteSmoke scans your writings for grammatical errors, plagiarism, translations from other languages and is highly compatible with almost all the web browsers. It offers yearly plans.
    1. Search Engine Reports: Isn’t this easy that you just have to paste your write-up in the designated field and click a button and you can actually spot all the plagiarism errors so easily. Well, that’s what Search Engine Reports can help you with. You can also upload the file to be scanned and get the same results.



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