• Top 10 Project Management Certifications for 2020

    top 10 project management certifications

    Almost every company you want to work for has at least one project manager. You might even face a project manager during your interview. One common thing about almost every project manager is that they hold a project management professional certification.

    The PMP certification is one of the most famous professional certificates for project managers. Every company values these certifications and demands for a project manager to hold one.

    Along with the PMP, there are several more project management certifications for 2020 that you can acquire to boost your job-profile.

    Top 10 Project Management Certifications for 2020

    A project manager of any company needs to be highly skilled. Holding project management certifications are proof of having the required skills for the job. Project managers need to be able to lead and guide projects towards successful completion.

    As a result, there is no doubt that companies extremely value such professional certificates. It can also add to your arsenal for you to grow and get promotions in your career.

    In this respect, we have listed the top 10 project management certifications there are for you to acquire in 2020.

    1. The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificate

    PMP is the most famous and valued professional certificate for project managers. The certificate is awarded by the Project Management Institution (PMI) after a thorough investigation through the PMP exam.

    The PMP certification displays the competencies of a person in handling various projects under a limited time limit and budget. A person with a PMP certificate can jump higher and higher in the corporate world and earn a lot of money with his or her hard work as a project manager. However, it will cost you around $550 to achieve the certificate on the first try.

    2. Associate in Project Management

    The Associate in Project Management is another professional project management certification. It is offered by the Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM).

    The certificate focuses on a broad area of knowledge. The certificate proves your directive capability, allocation of resources, and communication skills in delivering the quality outcome of projects.

    You can easily sit for the exam with around 300 USD expense. The certificate does not require any prior experience in project management.

    3. BVOP Certified Project Manager

    The full form of BVOP is Business Value-Oriented Principles. The growing business valued organization offers project management certification that focuses on the practices and activities of project managers.

    Moreover, the certificate emphasizes the ability to manage and lead people. You can gain skills related to people management, product management, and project management through this certificate.

    This is another entry-level professional certificate. Therefore, you will not need any prior experience. You can sit for the exam for only $130.

    4. Certified Project Management Practitioner (CPMP)

    The EC-Council offers this professional certification for project managers. The certificate takes an aspiring project manager through numerous real-life experiences of project management.

    You will be a skilled manager who can handle difficult projects with the use of different tools and techniques. The CPMP adds leadership, technical, and managerial competencies to your skillset.

    You should attend a preparation course that goes on for 3 days before sitting for the exam. The exam will cost you around 200 USD, and there is no prior requirement to sit for the exam.

    5. Certified Project Manager (CPM)

    Offered by the International Association of Project Managers (IAPM), the CPM is a 4 level of professional certification. The overall certification is divided into 2 disciplines. These are- Traditional Project Management and Agile Project Management.

    This certificate is quite popular and valued. Therefore, you will have to spend around $700 for the whole exam.

    6. Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

    The CSM is mostly focused on agile project management. The Scrum Alliance offers it. To sit for the exam, you will have to fulfil a few requirements.

    Firstly, you will need to have some form of understanding of Scrum. Secondly, you will need to complete a 2-day training course in CSM. And finally, you will need to be willing to spend more than a thousand dollars for the exam.

    7. Master Project Manager (MPM)

    This certificate is a model designed by The American Academy of Project Management (AAPM). There are certain requirements to achieve the certificate.

    Firstly, you will need a total of 3 years of experience in project management. You may get some form of a waiver on the exam fee if you are a Master’s degree holder. The total cost for the certification is around 300 USD.

    8. Professional in Project Management (PPM)

    This is a certificate that is offered by the GAQM. The certificate focuses on resource management, direction, change, communication, and quality assurance. There is no prior requirement. However, it is best to have some form of professional experience.

    9. CompTIA Project+

    This is another entry-level project management certification offered by the PMI. You will need to have at least a year’s experience in managing, directing, or partaking in any project.

    10. Certified Project Director

    This certificate is quite valued as it is one of the highest levels of project management certification. The professional certificate focuses on a manager’s capability to direct, manage, and budget multiple projects at the same time.

    You must be known with project management and have prior knowledge about the GAQM body of knowledge. It will cost you around $500 to complete and achieve the certification.


    Project management is a lucrative job. You should put your complete effort into being professionally certified to sustain and grow in this field. The top 10 project management certifications for 2020 can help you achieve your dream job.

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