Blogging has been the unrivaled king of the digital market for years now. For some reason, its prominence appears only to grow. Today, blogging is an essentiality of digital marketing. It stands high as the base pillar of content marketing for your brand development. With over half of the online visitors reading blogs often, it makes sense to invest time in blogging.

    You’d find millions of bloggers out there struggling hard to gain visibility in the SERP, but not many of these are aware of the latest trends that rule the blog world. Here, in this blog, we shall talk about the top 5 blogging trends this year. We shall also throw some light on understanding what blogs actually mean and why they are worth your efforts.

    What is a blog?

    What do you think the blog stands for?

    Is it any and every kind of written content that you upload in web browsers and engines? The essays, research contents, or articles, are blogs?

    Well, they are not.

    Web blog, commonly known by its abbreviated form ‘Blog’ is a kind of online journal consisting of personal experiences, activities, and opinions (usually the author’s). Over the years, blogs evolved so much that one can find blogs on almost any topic he/she can think of. The contents aka posts in the blogs are usually presented in the reverse chronological order. It means that the latest posts appear at the top followed by the next latest.

    Since this post talks about blogging trends I wouldn’t take much of your time to discuss blogs. So, without any ado, let’s switch to our next section.

    Is Your Blogging Worth the Effort?

    When they say, ‘no pain, no gain,’ they actually mean it. As long as you are ready to invest your time and caliber, nothing is too tough or not worth it. It is just about well you have prepared yourself to work up your way to the top. Moreover, you cannot just jump to a conclusion that blogging isn’t worth it right after you begin cause’ even Edison made hundreds of attempts before inventing the bulb.

    So, be patient and dedicate yourself to work hard until you succeed. But don’t run down the lane unprepared. Get your homework, go through the blogging trends, and give yourself some time to learn the basics of SEO and then start. Scroll below to discover the top 5 blogging trends of the year.

    What are the top trends of Blogging in 2020

    Anyone out there can stand as a blogger and content marketer, but t takes more than just some writing ability and technical knowledge to stand out as a successful blogger and content marketer. We shall help you become one too. The following are the highly-rated trends of blogging this year.

    1 . Content is the unrivaled king

    That’s a perfect synonym for blogging. It is all about how interactive, how interesting, and how innovative your content is that is responsible for the traffic your brand gets. While the type and genre of your website a damn significant role in your traffic, it makes sense to go for content that could be evergreen.

    A good blogger always aims to remain at the apex with content that shall never age. But the longevity never means you should ignore the potential contemporary and relevant topics. You will have to spend more time and attention to prepare an editorial calendar and work accordingly.

    In this way, you can work to appease both the readers and revenue figures. Keep in mind that your target is to enter the good books of your visitors. And your aim is to reward them with quality content.

    2 . Growing lengths

    Out of hundreds, only a handful of bloggers publish articles that are lengthier than 1500-2000 words. The majority of the bloggers go for short blogs instead of long lengths. They may not know, but this hurts later in the revenue. As per the latest stats, contents of the lengthier blogs perform thrice better than the average ones that stand around 1000. So, in short, it is like, ‘the longer, the better.’ The long contents shall hold the reader on your webpage for a long time.

    But length is not all that you need. It is just one of the many other essentialities. With Google updating its algorithm thrice every two days, it has become tougher than ever before to stand high in the search engine result page. So, to keep your rank high steadily you must keep in mind the significance and frequency of relevant keywords (main and subsets) besides many basic SEO techniques.

    3 . Frequency is mandatory

    That’s the key here. Bloggers publishing contents on a regular basis appear to have more traffic than the ignorant one. The stats claim regular publisher enjoys the organic traffic almost 5 times more than usual. Isn’t that surprising?

    Regular and steady frequency of serving your visitors with good content is the surest method to gain visits. Also, your ROI works proportional to your frequency and consistency of publishing new posts everyday. But constant frequency never means only blog publishing. It rather means publishing relevant and good quality content that your site aims to provide.

    So, I would suggest you plan an editorial calendar for a month or week and write and work according to it. This shall help you manage work and maintain a constant frequency of posting good work on your website. Now that they are aware of their targets, it will also help your team more efficiently.

    4 . Originality

    Trust me, you cannot run away from the fact that the world always prioritizes, appreciates, and recognizes originality over plagiarism. The users out there do not scroll tens of web pages to read something that is not new. They would just not stay behind to read things that they have already gone through months ago. You yourself wouldn’t want to do that, right?

    With the digital world overwhelmed with lots and lots of content, nobody has time to waste upon irrelevant things. Your visitors demand something new, something original. So, as a responsible blogger, you must research their needs and provide only the content that shall do nothing but help. It is for your ultimate benefit.

    5 . Guest Blogging

    Guest Blogging!

    Sounds bad for your business repo?
    Well, it is not.

    Because’ gone are the days, when guest blogging moved with an air of being bad to your personal brand. Today, guest blogging not only helps you score to a higher rank in the SERP, but it also covers the more audience. Unlike personal blogs, guest blogs gain higher traffic. It lets you serve the brand while attracting new visitors.

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