• Ways to Check IMEI Number of Smartphone

    Ways to Check IMEI Number


    Ways to Check IMEI Number : In India today almost every person has Aadhar card. This Aadhar Card and Aadhar Number contain the full details of the person. Just as every person has a different identity, in the same way every smartphone and mobile also has a special identity or identity. Each phone has a special IMEI number, serial number and model number and this is the identity of that phone. Next, we have told some such tricks, with which you will not only be able to easily know the identity of your phone, but also you will be able to give this very important and useful information to your family and friends.

    Identification of mobile phone is very important

    The identity of any smartphone and mobile phone must be known to its user. The IMEI number of the phone is linked to the GSM network, which can be tracked at any time to find out when and where that phone is active.

    If a mobile phone is lost or stolen, then in that case the mobile user can call his network provider i.e. Telecom Service Provider, give information about the IMEI number and get his phone blacklisted. Not only this, if a mobile phone is found to be involved in any illegal activity, it can be tracked and reached even to the culprits.

    The details of your phone can be known in these three ways:

    • IMEI Number
    • Serial Number
    • Model Number

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    How to find out your phone’s IMEI, model and serial number


    1. Go to the phone’s settings

    For this process, first of all open your phone’s settings. Scrolling down the Settings menu will find the option of About phone, click on it. Full details of your device will be given in About phone. Here you can see the model number, serial number and IMEI number of the phone.

    2. Via Phone Dialer

    This process is the easiest and least hassle. Any person can easily see the details of mobile phones of his family and friends along with his mobile. For this, first open the dialer pad of your phone. On phone dialer type *#06# and press call button. On dialing this USSD code, the phone’s IMEI number and Serial number (S/N) will appear on the screen.

    3. Check the phone body and box

    Earlier, the details of the device were written on the back panel of almost all mobile phones and their information was also printed on the battery inside the phone. But now such phones come in the market whose back cover cannot be removed. Also, due to the look and design of the phone, nothing is marked on the rear panel. In such a situation, either the model number, serial number and IMEI number information is given separately in the box of those mobile phones or else all these details are printed on the top of the phone box itself.

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