• What are the Features of a Successful Logo?

    What are the Features of a Successful Logo?


    Do you ever think that how a professional logo design agency or a top-level freelance designer is so sure while designing a logo that the project they’re working on will work in the real world? To create a logo that delivers, experienced designers keep in mind the features of a successful logo that we’ll describe in this blog post.


    However, before jumping into the features, we want you to remember that logo only gives your brand identification. It doesn’t work as a sales tool unless you become a brand recognized globally. A logo design is just a showpiece till the day it becomes associated with any organization or product.


    According to Paul Rand, known for his iconic corporate logo designs, including logos of IBM, Morningstar, Inc., UPS, NeXT, and more, “A logo doesn’t sell (directly), it identifies. A logo derives its meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around. A logo is less important than the product it signifies; what it means is more important than what it looks like.”


    Just take a look at Nike’s swoosh. One glance is enough to recall the brand’s name and the products it sells. If not for Nike, the swoosh is nothing more than just a simple tick. It’s a brand association that shows design’s true colors. It’s the company‘s characteristics, products and services description, and brand story that allow logo design agency to come up with out-of-the-design.


    So, make sure that you know everything about the business before designing a logo for it. Once you fully understand the brand, it’ll become easier for you to bring the following qualities into a logo, making it a successful design.


    Keep it Simple


    Every logo design agency or freelance designer wants to keep the design simple, but only a few succeed in creating logo designs that become examples of simplicity. You might be wondering why simplicity is so important. To get the answer, we want you to look at the logos of the top 100 most successful brands worldwide. You’ll find most of these firms’ logos simple, except a few. You can even get inspiration from brands who redesigned their logos over time, making it simpler than the previous one.


    The purpose behind keeping the logo simple is to make identification easier. People who go for complex and complicated designs often end up creating a logo unpleasant to the eyes and making the brand’s message obscure. A logo should clearly represent your brand and tell your story so that people memorize it in the first interaction and identify it in a glance when they see it a second time.


    Make it Different


    There are millions of brands globally selling different products and services. Whenever you go to a mart, you see hundreds of thousands of products seeking your attention. You find dozens of brands selling products you’re looking for, making it difficult for you to pick one. Most of the times, you straightaway buy from your favorite brand, but sometimes, you want to try the new brand. However, the product with unique and excellent packaging grabs your attention.


    There is a top-notch logo design agency or highly creative designer behind such packaging. In this cut-throat marketplace, it’s challenging to be different, but being different is the only option to make your target audience consider your products and services. So, never copy your competitor or any brand’s design while creating a logo for your company.


    Keep it Relevant


    Being different is essential but keeping your logo design relevant is equally important. It’ll not work for you if you ignore relevancy while making an effort to create something unique. So, when you design a logo, make sure that the colors and fonts you’re using perfectly suit your business and identifies your brand’s personality. Most importantly, the design you’re working on should relate to the products and services you’re going to sell.


    Most people hire a credible logo design agency or connect with the acclaimed freelance designer via LinkedIn, Fiverr, Upwork, or other freelancing platforms. In short, select the perfect color combination and font style for your logo.


    Make it Memorable


    Another crucial feature is memorability. Here, you need to think about making a logo that leaves a lasting impression on the target audience and becomes memorable. If you consider the above features while designing, it’ll help you produce something worth remembering. The simpler your logo design is, the easier it becomes for people to memorize it. Besides, when your design is different, people will identify it quickly without any confusion.


    What are the Features of a Successful Logo

    Make it Scalable


    In this era, the most crucial feature of a successful logo design is scalability. Today, a logo is used everywhere, from brick and mortar to website, social media, business card, billboard, stickers, and even labels. So, the thing you need to take care of while designing a logo is it should work as effectively on a billboard as it does on the website. Therefore, if you want a successful logo design, we recommend you join hands with a professional logo design agency instead of relying on your inexperienced designer friend.





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