• Experimentation practice being implemented in India to withdraw cash using a smartphone without touching the ATM machine

    There are Covid-19 patients whom most likely infected if touching the surfaces wherein they get involved. Therefore, the ATM machine is the most likely place to replace the corona.

    Banks look for more ways to withdraw the cash and without touching the ATM machine. AGS Transact Technologies Limited comes up with a solution.

    The remedy is provided with the biggest advantage is proposed by AGS Transact where the banks do not replace their existing ATM machines for making cash withdrawals untouchable.

    Amitabh Bachchan’s voice is about to implement on Google map, according to reports!

    All you have in doing is perform a software update on the ATM machine instead. That way while people stand in front of the ATM screen for withdrawing cash a QR code will be displayed on the screen.

    Customers could scan this code where they use their bank’s app getting permitted to withdraw cash from ATMs.

    Then if we provide any permission for paying the amount withdrawn by Apple, we would only receive the amount from the ATM.

    This solution is termed to be good to prevent spreading the Covid epidemic through ATMs and if banks are interested in this service of AGS Transact collaborates with them for testing it.

    Ravi Goel, CEO, AGS Transact, did say banks can implement their solution with an upgrade of existing software at a very low cost.

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