• Google can track all your activities. See how to stop

    How to stop Google from tracking?

    Various ways of stopping Google from tracking

    Search engine Google is essential for everyone in today’s life, without which it is very difficult to think of ordinary life. We use Google to learn every little thing. But do you know that Google monitors your actions? Where are you going and what are you searching, whether you tell anyone these things or not, but Google knows all this. Actually, location is used by Google to improve its service, which provides accurate information about location based search, results, real time traffic, photos and other things. However, if you want Google to not track your location, you can block them with easy tips and tricks.

    How to stop location tracking from Google?

    There are two ways to turn off location tracking. In the first option, the location data of all the apps in your device will be blocked.

    1. This is the first way to block APP permissions
    2. Go to Android smartphone settings.
    3. Then click on the data location.
    4. After this, it can be turned off by swiping left of the location permission. Similarly, you can also turn on location permissions.

    There is another way to block APP permissions
    You can also turn off location tracking by turning off the location history feature of Google account. This allows all Google apps and services to be closed with a single swipe.

    1. Click on the Settings option of Google Account.
    2. Click on Manage Your Google Account here.
    3. After this, click on the privacy and personalization options of Google account.
    4. Here you have to click on Location History of Activity Control section.
    5. After this, swipe left and close the location history.

    How to close the location of a particular app?

    If you are trying to turn off the location permissions of one app then you can adopt this method.
    1. Go to Android phone settings.
    2. Then tap on the location.
    3. After that, to give access to location permissions to any app, you can swipe on or block the dongle.

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